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February 14, 2020 | A Currency Unit Tied to ‘Nothing’ is What? Let’s Think!

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Today’s Wall Street Journal has a couple of articles on the nomination of Judy Shelton to the Fed Board. It appears that the morons on the Senate Banking Committee and a few additional monetary elites do not approve of her thinking on economic/monetary issues. This is likely due to her prior publications on issues of money and currencies. Personally, I read her book called ‘Monetary Meltdown’ which was published in 1994. It was excellent!

Judy revealed in her book that a currency unit (like our dollar) can not remain stable with ‘no tie’ of the unit to a material commodity (like gold). She seemed to advocate some ‘tie’ of the dollar to a stable commodity and this mindset is probably what those within the banking establishment (I call them monetary morons) do not like. But what is a currency unit with NO TIE to a thing (say gold or similar)? Let’s think on this! What is a name/symbol/number?

A currency unit (like the dollar, euro, pound, yen, etc.) consists of a symbol/number and then a name is given to this symbol/number ($1.00). What is a symbol/number (in reality)? I would suggest that a symbol/number ($1.00) is a unit of my imagination (a unit within my consciousness). A currency unit (like our dollar) is really imaginary and inner when not ‘tied’ to some thing (a material object within outer reality). Do our elites within our banking/monetary system understand this reality? I don’t think they understand!

What is a currency unit tied to nothing (no thing)? It is really ‘nothing’ but a name/symbol/number ($1.00). This means that a currency unit tied to nothing is nothing and technically does not exist as a material object (within our space/time world). Today, we have over one hundred different currency units on our planet. All these currency units are ‘tied’ to NOTHING (no material thing/object). This means that we now trade, buy, sell, invest, borrow, lend with money that is INNER (part of our imagination/part of our consciousness). Think on this!

Our money units today are really NOTHING…real/tangible/material. The units get created from banksters (their mind) who merely think up NUMBERS (in their head) and then type these NUMBERS (called official legal tender) into a computer account. Loans can now be created by commercial bankers simply by typing numbers into a client’s on-line computer account. Millions, billions, and even trillions of currency units can be created (artificially) by a few banksters operating behind closed doors within select banking buildings. Is this sound monetary policy?

Judy Shelton, in her book ‘Monetary Meltdown’ revealed some history of money which shows why today’s system is unstable and will meltdown at some point in our future. Her thinking is disliked as she seems to prefer currency stability via some tie of the currency unit to a material commodity. Is this valid thinking? I think so! Our Constitution spells out the words which our Congress should follow. Money should be ‘coined’ and Congress should ‘regulate’ the value of that which is coined/minted. Read Article 1, Section 8 and 10 for details.

Today, we have a corrupted system of monetary policy which allows a few elites the option to create our currency unit OUT OF NOTHING (merely their thinking mind). This is shameful. The reality is that our ‘dollar’ today is nothing/imaginary and it should be viewed as a UNIT OF CONSCIOUSNESS (a name/symbol/number derived from the human mind). So we live today with monetary morons within our banking committee’s and our central banking establishment. That is my view. Who can challenge these monetary morons so that the public can get educated?

Why would I support a currency unit ‘tied’ to ‘nothing’? It’s merely a ‘name’ and a ‘number’ which derives from the consciousness of select elites who make policy behind closed doors. Is this sound policy? Is this legal tender that I can support? Is this approved by our laws and our constitution? The answer is NO, NO, NO. Our dollar is ‘nothing’ and it is ‘tied’ to NOTHING. It’s IMAGINARY and an ILLUSION of the human mind. Why would I desire to support this shameful operation? It’s fraud at the highest level of government!

Our monetary system is so corrupt that few understand the corruption. What is a ‘unit of consciousness’ (in reality)? Can you touch, smell, see, hear, or taste a ‘unit of nothing’? Where is it? What is it? Why don’t our leaders desire to learn some reality on these issues? Are they bought and paid for by a DEEP STATE system which protects them from these realities? Will Judy Shelton be allowed to join this corrupt institution called our FED? I doubt it!

My sense is that they will NOT allow her to join our corrupt system. She might raise some questions which could create controversy. The system desires GROUP THINK and this means that any real challenge to the status quo may not be allowed. Our banking elites are morons IMO. They lack common sense and constitutional understanding on all issues of money, currency, and stability. Let’s see what happens as the vote for Judy is arriving in a few days. Have a good day and watch these corrupt digital markets as our Fed manipulates these digits (called money) from moment to moment. I sense the Mark of the Beast system emerging in a few years!

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February 14th, 2020

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