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December 19, 2019 | Greater Vancouver Has Seen This Real Estate Story Before

Bill Ferguson

Metro Vancouver Housing Collapse - The purpose of this group is to invite discussion about the largest housing bubble the Metro Vancouver area has ever seen, its probable causes, likely solutions, the impact it has had upon its residents and as a platform for sharing various News-related sources pertaining to it.

How long could it take for Vancouver property prices to bottom?

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Archives December 19th, 2019

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  • Avatar Denis Smith says:

    Finally some straight talk

  • Avatar Ravi Benjamin says:

    Superb Discussion. Very Sobering. I am a homeowner and I would like to think otherwise. However Bill Is correct. I think people may think of him as a spoil sport..But he is not emotional about this. He is just stating what he sees as fact based upon a historical perspective.

  • Avatar John Stevens says:

    What background do you have: “Well I was born in New Wesminister…..” which pretty much sums up his expertise. Nada. “I started the group to facilitate discussion…” that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard…the blowhard runs a FB group like his own personal fyfedom. Bans people who don’t share his view or his doom and gloom. He has nothing to add to any discussion as he’s incapable of actually having a discussion. Everyone has moved back over to Vancouver is Falling which actually allows uncensored open discussion and debate without fear of reprisals from Bill. OH that’s the group Bill was banned from because he can’t get along with anyone.

  • Avatar Nolan Hendricks says:

    Yeah I have to concur. I was booted out of his silly group for voicing an opinion. A respectful, balanced opinion. He’s done that incessantly. Sad case of someone’s fragile ego getting the better of themselves. Hope his retirement is a little more fruitful as he seems miserable.

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