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November 8, 2019 | Why Money Should Now Be ‘Eliminated’! Read!

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

Today’s virtual money is invisible and non-observable! It’s FAKE!

The story of money has been my passion for the past 50+ years. I have studied this concept and also taught this concept and its history to thousands of students. I now would like to propose that we ‘eliminate’ all money from our planet. This is now possible as our money has evolved into a unit of nothing (a unit of human consciousness). We could start in the United States of America or even a country like Sweden. Why can we now ‘eliminate’ money from our planet? Let’s think on this for today!

1. Money is now merely a mental abstraction within my/your mind (consciousness). It is not a ‘thing’ within nature. Numbers (our money today) has no existence within our material world. I now (as a banker) can create these virtual digits (mere imaginary numbers) and call these digits official legal tender (money). Mere abstract digits of a banker’s mind get punched into a computer screen (an on-line computer checking account) and abstract numbers appear within the screen. These abstract (mental) numbers are then called official legal tender for buying/selling/investing/saving.
2. What are these abstract numbers in reality? These numbers live within my consciousness and get circulated within this space called ‘cyberspace’. Cyberspace is merely an imaginary space (within my extended consciousness) which emerges from the connection of computers to a network. Cyber money emerges within our computer screens, smart phone screens, and laptops as a result of typing imaginary numbers into the computer screen. These cyber numbers control me/you, enslave me/you, and track all my/your monetary behavior. Is this necessary for real-time commerce going forward? Is this necessary in today’s world of abundance?

3. Today, we have robots, automated assembly lines, artificial intelligence, and high frequency computers to produce our products 24/7. We have more ‘stuff’ then we need for survival. The estimate is that we now have survival needs for over 10 billion people. Our planet has only 7.6 billion as of today. So why do we still use a form of money which could be ‘eliminated’ with the punch of a computer key (the delete key)? What is the ‘purpose’ of these mental abstractions called money in today’s world of abundance?

4. The original ‘purpose’ of money was to create economic ‘value’ (wealth) for the marketplace. Labor was the human tool needed to create new production (wealth). Today, labor is being replaced with robots and automated assembly operations. Robots can work 24/7 and create all our survival needs (and also most of our wants). We could ‘eliminate’ this invented idea called ‘money’ from our nation and our planet. I am currently a retired person living mostly on social security. My money (now a digital abstraction in the computer) arrives each month from another computer in Washington D.C. Our electromagnetic spectrum sends a signal from a Washington computer to my bank computer at Wells Fargo. Money arrives to spend/save/invest.

5. My life is now controlled by these mental abstractions called money and this is a form of enslavement for me and millions of other retired individuals. Our survival needs are now minimal (compared to what is available in the stores) and our money system does not promote the freedom and potential which I could experience if money were ‘eliminated’. My freedom and service to the community would grow exponentially if I could live and act without this mental abstraction called money (now a digit in the computer screen). Do we need money today? Is it necessary for survival?

6. In reality, money is imaginary and gets created artificially by bankers in the trillions of units. Bankers create and give these legal tender units to the 1% for nearly nothing. The 1% can borrow and buy back their stock to increase the prices within our electronic stock markets. The 1% can control the production of goods and services with their favored authority within our markets (witness Alibaba and/or Amazon). These huge enterprises live on credit which they obtain in unlimited amounts from our banksters. Hundreds of other enterprises also get this money favor from our banking system (mostly with no strings attached). The masses of common folks, however, are enslaved. The imaginary ‘numbers’ (called money) enslave the masses on planet earth.

7. Millions and billions of common folks (on our planet) must act to survive based upon what the elites in authority give them. Money digits are given via EBT cards and welfare payments so these folks can survive. These folks, however, are mostly enslaved by the system of money and credit. They are unable to achieve their potential as human beings. Money enslaves the common folks (the billions) as the 1% live in luxury and with excessive wealth. The 1% prevent real progress for the masses as they accumulate more money digits from the elites who control the banking system. None of this is necessary! We could eliminate this curse upon mankind called ‘money’.

8. Today, we could ‘eliminate’ this invented tool called money from our nation and then from the entire planet. The purpose of money has expired (when the details are understood). The units which our banksters now create have zero intrinsic value. They are units of nothing, units of my/your consciousness, units living within a virtual space called cyberspace (after being created by the mind of banksters out-of-nothing). They are created from thin-air (also called the mind of a bankster). Banksters, operating computers, behind closed doors create these legal tender units from their imagination. Today, we call this QE, PMMO, TMMO, REPO money, and similar acronyms. It’s merely a GAME within a cartel of banksters who control our central bank computers on this planet.

9. Think about the corruption which money has created for our society. Mr. Trump wants more QE and low interest rates to manipulate our economy upward so he can get re-elected in 2020. The candidates for president (the democrats) are all doing similar shenanigans to create an environment of favor for their select constituents. Elizabeth Warren wants medicare for everyone, free education, a new Capitalism for the bureaucracy within Washington. Andrew Yang wants a universal basic income for everyone over age 18. His program would cost around $3 trillion. Elisabeth Warrens single payer health care could cost $30 trillion. But all this is now possible with the new MMT economics which is emerging. What is MMT?

10. The new economics is called MMT (Modern Monetary Theory). Money gets created out-of-nothing for select clients to borrow and spend indefinitely. A central bank can ADD new digits to its balance sheet forever as our money is now an imaginary digit of the mind (mere math). There is no limit to numbers being created as they can increase to ‘infinity’. Is any of this sound economics? Is this benefiting mankind? I don’t think so! This is pure monetary enslavement of the masses for the benefit of the few who control the system. Our monetary SYSTEM is now run by criminal banksters who operate behind closed doors in Washington, New York, Basel, Frankfurt, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, Stockholm, and all the other locations where a central bank operates.

11. We all need to act so as to ‘eliminate’ this CURSE upon mankind called digital money. It enslaves millions and billions and prevents progress for this planet. Money was ‘invented’ originally for a PURPOSE. That ‘purpose’ has now EXPIRED. We need to think anew about our economic system and about our future. Money (is now a curse) and it needs to be ELIMINATED. This could happen NOW if people get educated on the issues of money. Reality must prevail eventually and this means that we can solve our economic problems under a new SYSTEM which does not require MONEY. Our new technologies allow us to ‘eliminate’ all these imaginary digits from our computers and replace this system with free market volunteers.

12. Freedom and progress requires that we now think about ELIMINATING all these imaginary digits within our computer screens called MONEY. The digits are unnecessary for advancing commerce in this next millennium. Freedom demands that the masses not be enslaved by the few who run the system. We can free ourselves from this CURSE which the few in power call MONEY. Billionaires now rule over us. Their human nature will continue this GAME of corruption until people wake-up to the con GAME system. Money is now a con game built upon control over the human mind of the victims. It MUST END! It could END in 2020 if people get educated. Think on this and pass this missive on to other thinkers. Have a great day!

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November 8th, 2019

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