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November 4, 2019 | Profiting on Gold Tops, Reversals and Turnarounds

Przemyslaw Radomski

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA (PR) is a precious metals investor and analyst who takes advantage of the emotionality on the markets, and invites you to do the same. His company, Sunshine Profits, publishes analytical software that anyone can use in order to get an accurate and unbiased view on the current situation. Recognizing that predicting market behavior with 100% accuracy is a problem that may never be solved, PR has changed the world of trading and investing by enabling individuals to get easy access to the level of analysis that was once available only to institutions. High quality and profitability of analytical tools available at are results of time, thorough research and testing on PR's own capital. PR believes that the greatest potential is currently in the precious metals sector. For that reason it is his main point of interest to help you make the most of that potential. As a CFA charterholder, Przemyslaw Radomski shares the highest standards for professional excellence and ethics for the ultimate benefit of society.

Gold price action in November 2019 is likely to take most investors by surprise. There are two ways in which gold is likely to move in the first part of the month. It could slide right away based on the triple triangle-vertex-based reversal patterns that we see in gold, silver, and gold miners. However, there’s also the possibility that gold will rally along with the Japanese yen (as it often does) and move close to its late-September high. These two scenarios are interesting, but they are neither the most appealing, nor most important thing that we’ll explain today.

In case of technical analysis, it is usually the case that one never asks the W question. There is no WHY in the technical analysis. Or more importantly, they usually don’t matter. There are tens, if not hundreds, of news releases each day and markets can rally or decline on all or any of them. It’s impossible to pay attention to everything that each market is doing (some analyses can help, though), and it all boils down to whether a given support or resistance was reached, whether the turning point or cycle is nearby, if we see an analogy to the past to any significant extent. In other words, there are multiple tips for trading gold that are not concerned about the WHY.

Today’s analysis is different from other ones that we wrote recently. Today, we’re going to focus on the why behind the two short-term scenarios from the opening paragraph. The reason is that the implications of the reply to the W question extend way beyond the next several days. These implications made us supplement the target prices for our trading position with additional details, making it much more short-term oriented, but even that’s not the most important thing. The key implication is that based on the reply, the likelihood of seeing a major turnaround in October 2020, and its combination with True Seasonal patterns for gold, we adjusted the likely gold price path for the following 12 months.

Let’s start with the tip of the analytical iceberg.

The Short-Term in the PMs

Gold broke above the declining green resistance line and is confirming the breakout right now. Just one more daily close above the green line (currently at about $1,500) will mean that the breakout is verified, making a short-term rally more likely. Gold stocks have already broken above their declining green resistance line and they verified this breakout by closing above the line for three consecutive trading days.

So, did the short-term outlook just become bullish? Not really. The rallies do appear bullish, but the triple triangle-vertex-based reversal means that any rally that took place recently is actually bearish news for the following days. After all, if the price is likely to reverse (again, it’s not just one market that points to a reversal, it’s all three of them), then it’s likely to decline only if it moved higher before. And that’s exactly what happened.

Then again, keeping in mind that the reversals can work on a near-to basis, it means that we could first see one or two days of higher prices before the precious metals market slides next.

If gold moves higher instead of declining, then how far can it go? To the next resistance level. Since gold moved above the 50% Fibonacci retracement level on a day-to-day basis, it could move to the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement at about $1,530. Alternatively, gold could move even higher and rally to approximately the late-September high at about $1,540.

Of course, we’re writing “gold”, but what we really mean is gold futures prices as that’s what the above chart is showing. Friday’s intraday high was $1,519, so the above means a possibility of moving beyond it by about $10-$20.

That’s it? I was expecting to see something groundbreaking here, and the above seems relatively normal…

Don’t worry, that was just a warm-up, and something that needed to be covered anyway. What is the most important detail here is the shape of the recent gold price movement. We’ve already seen it before. In all likelihood, unless you’ve become interested in gold only recently, you’ve already seen it before too. It’s not that obvious at first sight, because the time scale is different, but… The way gold is topping right now, it’s an almost exact copy of how it topped in 2011.

Let’s take a look at the above chart one more time, but this time, we will put gold’s 2011 performance before it (so that it’s easier to compare it with gold that takes the upper part of the triple chart).

The Anatomy of Gold Tops


The similarity may not be obvious at first sight thanks to the different time span, but please focus on the following facts:

  • Both rallies in gold (2011 and late-2019) had a short-term consolidation in the middle of the rally.
  • Both rallies had an initial (early August 2011 and early August 2019) tops, which were followed by a double-top pattern in which the second high was a bit higher.
  • The initial declines (late September 2011 and early September 2019) were quickly followed by counter-trend rallies (November 2011 and late September 2019 tops) and then additional declines to new short-term lows (December 2011 and early October bottom).

What followed about 8 years ago was yet another upswing that ended a bit above the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement and very close to the initial high (November 2011). The history has been repeating itself to a considerable degree, which means that gold might rally to $1,530 – $1,540 once again).

It is not carved in stone, though. The history might rhyme instead of being repeated to the letter, which means that this time, the upswing might be smaller (or higher, if gold really wants to trick a lot of people in a late-Halloween fashion).

If the history is indeed repeating here, it’s necessary to ask: What happened next?

Gold declined to the previous lows once again, and then launched yet another counter-trend upswing from there. The most recent decline ended at about $1,460, so it might be the case that this level will provide gold with strong support once again, and that we’ll see yet another counter-trend rally.

And what if gold declines right away from current price levels? Then it changes absolutely nothing with regard to the above. The 2011 topping pattern and what we’ve seen in the past several months would be similar nonetheless, with the implication that we’re likely to see a counter-trend rally once gold moves to about $1,460 anyway.

Hmm, is there any other reason, besides the price shape, that makes this year similar to 2011?

You bet! The most important similarity between the two years is the record-breaking monthly volume that ended both rallies. We saw something similar also in January 2018 (that was the yearly high in terms of the monthly closing prices). The implications of the big volume spike are bearish, as they emphasize the importance of the reversal that took place during a given month. As far as the similarity is concerned, out of these two cases that are similar volume-wise, only the 2011 top was preceded by a rally that was similarly sharp to what we saw in the middle part of this year.

Consequently, it’s not just the shape of the price during the 2011 topping process that makes both situations similar – volume readings confirm it too.

All in all, gold’s price in November 2019 might move higher initially, only to disappoint shortly thereafter. Gold could move to its recent lows in November, or this short-term decline could end closer to mid-December. The latter seems more likely.

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Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA

Editor-in-chief, Gold & Silver Fund Manager

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November 4th, 2019

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