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October 4, 2019 | Digital Warning Signals Appearing Daily!

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Our markets are now virtual/digital and living within our consciousness. This means that emotions and subjective signals (mere ‘words) can affect our markets (for positive and negative). Digital markets live within cyberspace (our computer screens) and this space is part of extended human consciousness. Cyberspace is not part of the material world of matter/energy, it’s part of the inner world of consciousness. Let’s look at a few digital signals which are now appearing to warn us of danger ahead:

1. The Baltic Dry Index
2. The growth in the Fed balance sheet
3. The Political charade with Trump and the Democrats
4. Recession talk appearing daily

As I write the Baltic Dry Index has declined to 1757 down some 761 points in 5 weeks. I watch this index to get a signal on what is happening globally with our trade issues. Trade, internationally, is declining as countries economies slowdown. Germany is slowing, all of Europe is slowing, China is slowing, India is slowing, U.S. manufacturing and retail are slowing, and many countries in Latin America are slowing. Basically, trade is slowing and this is a warning signal going forward.


The other issue is what is now happening with the Fed balance sheet. It is increasing (some 100 billion in the past month). Wall Street on Parade had this article on what the Fed is now doing, called:

There’s Nothing Normal About the Fed Pumping Hundreds of Billions Weekly to Unnamed Banks on Wall Street: “Somebody’s Got a Problem”

I would agree with this article. Something is happening within these digital markets that smells of a serious problem. We will likely discover this problem with our banks later this month. Watch the actions of our Fed officials and especially the actions at the New York Fed.


The political charade with our President, Mr. Trump, and the Democrats is not going away. Our Democrats have a worldview issue with Trump’s worldview. Most Democrats desire more government (Socialism) and Mr. Trump is not accommodating them to the degree they desire. Our society is heading for a global interconnected world. Digital money creates this result. Our Democrats recognize that our world is now global and they desire this Agenda 2030 program (more Socialism and bigger government).


Mr. Trump is touting Nationalism (also called Populism) and this is anathema to those who desire the implementation of Agenda 2030 (global Socialism). A digital world creates this global interconnection which then creates the need for Agenda 2030 and more centralization of power. Centralization of power is what our Democrats desire as the world is now digital and interconnected. Mr. Obama committed America to this Agenda 2030 program in 2015 and it is creating a worldview issue for many thinkers.


Under Agenda 2030, the world is supposed to become a global village with a centralized power system to administer the economy and all political events. You can read all about this Agenda 2030 at the U.N. website. It became official in January of 2016 and our Democrats seek this type of global interconnected world whereas Mr. Trump is seeking a world of borders and national boundaries. Their worldviews are at loggerheads. This is part of the reason for the desire (by most Democrats) to impeach the Donald. Watch as this fight continues with NO resolution!


The final digital signal which is warning of trouble ahead is all the talk about the coming recession (see today’s Wall Street Journal). Our markets have not corrected for some 126 months. All the algorithms and high frequency trading has pumped up our markets for over 10 years. This is now happening because our Central Banks are also trading these digital markets. Our Central Banks can create funds for trading in unlimited amounts. This allows these traders to pump up our markets indefinitely. Think on this. Our digital markets can now be pumped up daily at select Central Banks (like the N.Y. Fed).


The N.Y. Fed has some 500 day traders who can trade our markets. Today, trading is mostly via algorithms and high frequency computers. Have you noticed how the Dow Index has been pumped up at the opening (most days)? An algorithm can pump up an index in seconds and then this situation tends to promote more UP trading of equities for the remainder of the day. Why has our stock markets not corrected these past 10 years? Could it be the trading strategies of our Central authorities (trading behind closed doors)? I think so!


Our digital system is a corrupt system and we now have central planning for all economies on this planet. This leads to more centralization of power and America’s Democrats sense this result and those in power desire to centralize the entire system. Europe desires this centralization. China desires this centralization. India and most of our planet is desiring more Agenda 2030 (centralization of power). The battle today is over which WORLDVIEW will prevail. Globalism or Nationalism. Think on this as you drink your coffee and munch on a cookie. Have a great day! All is changing for all of us.

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October 4th, 2019

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