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September 24, 2019 | WSJ: Why the Federal Reserve could swap Greenbacks for Digital Dollars!

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Banksters will soon start to create their virtual/digital e-currencies! Watch!

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Paper notes will soon be replaced with digital/virtual currencies!

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What is a digital currency (in reality)? What is an e-dollar? An e-krona?

According to today’s Wall Street Journal, our Fed has the authority (right now) to initiate an e-dollar (a digital currency) to replace all paper notes and metal monies. Other countries are now doing the same and the trend towards digital money (called e-currencies) will be ubiquitous after a financial crisis forces the world into these cyber currencies (so as to ‘save’ the system)!

The writer of this WSJ article says: “As economic storm clouds gather over the U.S., and the Federal Reserve appears to lack the ammunition to save the country from the sort of prolonged malaise that has overtaken other wealthy economies, it’s possible that the next crisis-driven revolution in monetary policy is at hand.”

What is the message that we must recognize now? The message is that the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system is right around the corner. Central banks are starting to create these e-currencies to replace all physical monies. Cambodia, Sweden, Norway, China, England, and nearly every country with a central bank is preparing for this coming revolution in money (e-currencies). Soon the entire planet will be operating with cyber/digital/virtual monies. It’s all happening very fast!

Could this new revolution in money happen without a serious crisis situation? I don’t think so! A crisis mentality will be necessary so as to implement this ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. I expect that this crisis situation will happened soon (in 2019 and or 2020). So what is a e-currency (in reality)? Is it a ‘thing’ which exists in space and time? What is a digital/virtual currency? Think on this!

We need to think about this issue now as most people have no idea what a digital currency entails. What appears to be coming are central bank digital currencies and then a global digital currency for the entire planet. If America adopts the e-dollar, then our Fed would open accounts for any person who desires this currency as their money. We could all be customers of our central bank, the Fed.

Digital currencies are virtual currencies and this means they are units of our consciousness. They are mere ‘numbers’ which get created from our ‘imagination’. Think on this. Money becomes a unit of the human mind (one’s consciousness). Virtual money gets created by our banksters (from their thinking mind). They create these e-currencies from their inner self (their spirit consciousness) by merely ‘typing’ numbers into an account. Who can discern what is happening? Is this constitutional money? I don’t think so! But who cares and who understands?

Economist, Mr. Alan Blinder, says the following: “As for the e-dollar, Blinder, the former Fed vice chairman, argued that the U.S. central bank has the power to implement a digital currency via authority already granted it by Congress.” Mr. Bordo of Rutgers says that “big shifts in currency policy have typically occurred when the politics line up due to some sort of crisis.” Read the article in Tuesday’s WSJ (Market Watch section).

It is obvious, to me, that the trend is towards digital money as our world is driven by computers and smart phones. The world is ready for a digital system and most everyone (who lives in the now) will accept digital/virtual money when the big boys choose to implement this option. Our world will then be under the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. Who can discern what is happening in real-time within our global markets? Very few seem to comprehend what is happening!

Most people view digital money as giving themselves more freedom and better options for spending. But will this situation prevail over the longer term? My sense is that virtual monies can not work longer term. Virtual (imaginary) monies will distort all prices and values as our central banks flood the market with these ‘imaginary’ numbers. At some point the system will break down and barter will be necessary. Think on this!

Virtual money (e-currencies) are units of my ‘imagination’ and these units can be increased into ‘infinity’. Numbers are not physical ‘things’ which exist within space/time. Numbers are derived phenomena (from my/your mind/consciousness). Central bank administered e-currencies will flood the markets at some point and become totally worthless as representations of ‘value’. The whole purpose for money (in the first place) was to represent ‘value’.

A house or a car has ‘value’ when people view it as stable and meaningful. But if prices become multiplied into the millions/billions/trillions does ‘value still have any meaning? If central banks flood our markets with their ‘imaginary’ digital numbers (called e-currencies) and we all bid for products (cars/houses, etc.) with these imaginary numbers, does ‘value’ still have any meaning? My sense is that ‘value’ is meaningless as bidding for a product gets ridiculous.

The whole purpose for money (in the first place) was for a unit to represent some stable ‘value’. This is why we tied a monetary unit to gold/silver. The monetary unit would remain stable as the physical supply of gold/silver was limited (mostly predictable). But if our monetary unit becomes a mere ‘imaginary’ number (within the human consciousness) then this stability is lost. VALUE becomes meaningless. Think on this! Are we heading for a meaningless monetary system? I think so!

We need to start thinking about the real nature of money. What is money (in reality)? Is money a ‘thing’ which exists within our space/time universe? Where is it? Why is money a concept of our thinking (mind)? Is my/your thinking (mind) a physical ‘thing’ which can be limited or identified? Think about what our elite banksters, politicians, and Keynesian economists are proposing for us. They are proposing that money should be ‘imaginary’ and ‘virtual’. They desire mere NUMBERS as money. What are NUMBERS?

Are you aware that ‘numbers’ are units of my/your consciousness? Numbers are not ‘things’ which exist. They are inner units of my/your mind. Think on these issues as our elites continue to enslave us with their digital world of imagination. Our Fed may soon create an e-dollar. Sweden may soon create an e-krona. Each central bank may create their own e-currency and then the SHIT hits the fan (as ‘value’ becomes meaningless). Think about this at your leisure. Have a great day! All is calm as of today!

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September 24th, 2019

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