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August 13, 2019 | Desperate Markets Manipulated Up 500 points at Opening!

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A mere word from our leader, Mr. Trump, on the issue of tariffs creates huge cyber market manipulations (both up and down). Silver was slammed today and our cyber stock markets were pumped UP (as I write). It all happens at the New York Fed and traders on the 8th and 9th floors in this building. This Plunge Protection Team (of traders) can manipulate our markets at the command of its leader. All this happens daily as our cyber markets are traded by our Central Bank in real-time.

I find all this comical as it happens regularly and usually on a day when events are chaotic globally. Hong Kong is shutting down their airport and trade to China is restricted but all this is minor as our New York Fed traders can offset these events with the click of a trading mouse. Manipulated stock, prices, and interest rates happen in real-time. Algorithms are the tool being used. All this happens with the click of a computer mouse.

Our Fed has unlimited trading digits to play with. We now have play money for trading. Mere digits are typed into the computer screen for trading. This can be done at the command of a leader who desires to manipulate our cyber markets. Who is behind all this manipulation. My view is our Fed leaders and those within the Plunge Protection Team (additional computer traders). It is now SOP as our trading money is really PLAY MONEY.

Our dollar is a digit in cyberspace. This unit gets ‘typed’ into a computer account for trading and for money manipulation. Our asset prices can now be manipulated by traders at our Central Bank facility in New York. Interest rates can be manipulated. Stock prices can be manipulated. Rigging of markets is now easy as our Fed has unlimited trading digits to accomplish their goals. There is no free market left.

As I write this missive the Caracas General Stock Index is up some 21% in 5 days, 163% within three months, 2543% year-to-date. This manipulation is what I have watched for some three years. Computers can now manipulate our stock markets even as the general economy goes down and up. A decoupling of prices from the general economy has occurred. This was obvious over in Venezuela as I watched this manipulation of their markets these past three years.

The same manipulation can now occur with our stock indices. These indices are electronic and this means computer trading drives the prices. Algorithms can drive prices UP even as the general economy (production) goes DOWN (or vice versa). Cyber money is not tied to our production economy. Cyber money is a mental abstraction. We have no gold standard today. Money is created out-of-nothing and typed into this cyber cloud which holds all our money.

A few centrally located computers and their traders can manipulate these markets behind closed doors. It is obvious that this is what is occurring today. As I write our Dow index is UP some 440 points. Did our economy change from yesterday? Did more production increase (or decline)? It makes no difference for these algorithms which trade our markets at the direction of select manipulators. We could witness a 50,000 Dow Index even while our economy tanks and crashes. The opposite could also occur.

Think of today’s markets as INNER markets. They live within our consciousness. There is no OUTER reality to these cyber markets. Cyber money is INNER and all the stock exchanges function as INNER markets. I call these markets VIRTUAL. We now live with virtual reality for money and trading. Play money is what we live with as this type of money gets created out-of-nothing (the human mind). Prepare for more manipulation going forward. That’s all that our central planners have left.

Our markets are fantasy markets and those with some wisdom recognize this reality. Prepare for more fantasy the remainder of 2019. Play money and trading behind closed doors will continue until it ends. Have a great day and think about buying a few coins (gold and silver) for insurance down the road.

I am:

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August 13th, 2019

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