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July 2, 2019 | Macro Events Point to Growing Demand for Gold!

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This new payments system called INSTEX is now in operation for countries like Germany, Britain, and France who desire to trade with Iran.

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Britain, Germany, and France could put pressure on America’s dollar system going forward!

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There are a number of macro-events which now point to a growing demand for gold. The new payments system over in Europe called INSTEX is replacing the SWIFT system for select countries like Germany, France, and Great Britain…who can now by-pass the dollar Swift system to trade with Iran. This new payments system could create some havoc for America’s dollar system as well as the dollar sanction program. Mr. Trump is already talking about this issue!


Also, China and Russia have started a new payments system using the Yuan so as to by-pass the dollar system. This means trade between Russia and China does not need the dollar as a currency for trades. Russia has already dumped their dollars to buy gold. China may do similar soon. And the final issue is the changes in the Petro dollar system. This system (which started after Nixon closed the gold window) has allowed America to purchase goods (especially oil) without any stress on their budget.  (evidence of America’s dollar problems)


America could purchase goods (oil and other manufactured products) from most nations with a dollar which could expand indefinitely (in supply). Our debt situation could grow with no penalty from other nations as these nations would buy our treasuries with their surplus dollars. All this is coming to an END and this means dollar turmoil going forward. This dollar turmoil should help gold as foreign nations will now think of gold as a reserve currency (not the dollar).


The international game of trade is changing as key countries by-pass the dollar and develop alternative currencies for their trade. This trend should grow in 2019 and 2020 and this means that gold demand will grow simultaneously. With higher gold prices the glamour for a Reset of the currency system will grow. The American dollar has been the key reserve currency for trading these past 50 years. All this is changing in 2019.


My sense is that investors should now purchase some physical gold (and silver) as these precious metals could become favorable as safe-havens in all this coming turmoil. Gold is physical (when purchased as a metal) to store. So-called ‘paper gold’ (also called digital gold) is not physical and should not be purchased as your safe-haven. Buy physical bullion or coins which you can HOLD in your hand.


Seek out bullion houses on the internet which sell the physical metal. Personally, I use JM Bullion ( ), out of Texas. There are many good sources which you can check out for your purchase needs. Those with some wisdom will recognize that the money game is changing in 2019. This change will continue into 2020 and after. My sense is that a RESET of the entire international system could happen later in 2019 and/or 2020. Watch the markets for evidence.


Have a good day and protect your savings with some physical precious metals now (before the demand becomes greater). I am:

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July 2nd, 2019

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