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May 19, 2019 | The Church(es) of Central Planning! Who does the Planning for each Economy?

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

Money rules over our planet and those who control the money and its circulation can govern our planet. Capitalism is now mostly over and a new form of Socialism is emerging for our planet. Central planning is at the core of Socialism. A key characteristic of Socialism is this concept called top/down decision-making. Select elites who operate behind closed doors do our central planning for us. They determine who gets what (monetarily). Who are these elites? From where do they operate? Why is Capitalism over! Let’s explore the key elites who govern us (financially) and the agenda which they follow.


I use the word ‘church’ to describe the group of elites who rule over our money and who do our central planning. Since our money is now ‘inner/virtual’ we can also view the philosophy of money creation and circulation as a theological enterprise. The word virtual means that our money is now a mental abstraction (name/number/symbol) which derives from the human consciousness. Consciousness, to me, is our inner self which is our spiritual self. The religion of finance has evolved into a form of central planning where select elites govern over the financial affairs of all global citizens.


What has evolved since the financial crisis of 2008 is a new theological system of finance which few comprehend. Our money is now an ‘inner’ unit of consciousness (a mental abstraction) and this changes reality from the prior material realm (under Capitalism) to the current virtual realm (under today’s MMT). Cyber money derives from the virtual thinking of select elites who have the power and authority to create and circulate these units of the spirit. What does this word ‘virtual’ mean? What does this word ‘digital’ mean? What is a cashless society? Think on this to discern today’s reality.


Let’s list the key financial ‘churches’ of central planning on our planet. Each ‘church’ is independent of the citizens who vote for their supreme political leaders. Each ‘church’ can operate behind closed doors and inject their virtual/digital/spiritual money into our economy without the public knowing the details. Each country operates uniquely but they all operate behind closed doors for their core decision making policies. The big kahuna church for our planet is the U.S. Fed. Let’s list each central planner and document where they are located:


  1. The U.S. Federal Reserve Board:  this financial church is made up of 7 key individuals but the leader for the group is currently Mr. Jerome H. Powell. Mr. Powell calls the shots in conjunction with those who support his policy decisions. His view is key to what happens within the American economy. In 1972, Powell graduated from Georgetown Preparatory School, a Jesuit university-preparatory school. The Fed (America’s financial church) operates out of Washington D.C. (the Eccles Building).                                                                       Jerome H. Powell.jpg
  2. The European Central Bank:  this financial church operates in a similar manner to the Fed but it does select policies which are viewed as relevant for their constituents. The current leader of this financial church is Mario Draghi. Mr. Draghi introduced record QE injections into the Eurozone economy. He operates out of      Frankfurt, Germany.  Draghi is a member of the Group of Thirty founded by the Rockefeller Foundation.                                                            Mario Draghi World Economic Forum 2013 crop.jpg
  3. The Bank of Japan:  this financial church controls and administers the economy of Japan. The key central planner for Japan is this person named Hariheko Kuroda. Mr Kuroda has pumped trillions of yen into the Japanese economy during his term. Mr. Kuroda led Japan’s move into negative interest rates in 2016. The BOJ had already pushed its balance sheet from 35% to 70+% of GDP since 2013 and was continuing to buy ¥80 trillion (over $600 billion) of securities each month.Haruhiko Kuroda at ADB Philippines (crop).jpg
  4. The Bank of England:  this financial church has enormous power over most Western financial policies. The current leader is Mark Joseph Carney. He holds Canadian, Irish, and British citizenship. On November 4, 2011, Carney was named Chairman of the Basel-based Financial Stability Board.  The Bank of England operates out of London, England.                                          Mark Carney.jpg
  5. Peoples Bank of China:  this financial church is run by Xi Jinping and his appointed cronies. Guo Shuqing  郭树清; born August 1956 is a Chinese politician, banker, and financial regulator. He is currently serving as the chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission. He reports directly to Xi. This financial church has very little transparency and operates behind closed doors. This financial church operates out of Beijing, China.                                               Guo Shuqing at 2008 World Economic Forum on Latin America.jpg
  6. International Monetary Fund: this financial church is currently headed by Christine Lagarde. Upon the founding of the IMF, its three primary functions were: to oversee the fixed exchange rate arrangements between countries, thus helping national governments manage their exchange rates and allowing these governments to prioritize economic growth, and to provide short-term capital to aid the balance of payments. This financial church operates out of Washington D.C.Lagarde, Christine (official portrait 2011).jpg
  7. Bank for International Settlements: The stated mission of the BIS is to serve central banks in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability, to foster international cooperation in those areas and to act as a bank for central banks. Some 60 central banks are members. This central planner works out of Basel, Switzerland. Policy decisions are mostly accomplished behind closed doors.

The key central planners above exercise enormous control over our national and global economy. Some 193 countries are members of the United Nations and each country is using digital/virtual currencies to control their individual economy. Central planning occurs at each central bank. The big kahuna for all central banks is the U.S. Fed. This makes Jerome Powell the most powerful elite on our planet IMO.


Capitalism is now mostly over as our money system has evolved into a central planning system. Virtual currencies are now created from the consciousness of these elites who operate behind closed doors. Computers determine who gets what and algorithms trade all our markets. We live in a new world of electronic markets governed by computers, governed by select elites. This new reality could be called a church of central planning.


Agenda 2030 now governs over the global financial system. This agenda started in 2015 when Pope Francis blessed these global goals for our planet while visiting the United Nations in New York. The Agenda became official on January 1, 2016. We now have a form of Socialism for the entire planet in the making. Virtual reality is becoming the standard within all finance. We have virtual money, virtual stocks, virtual bonds, and virtual borrowing and lending.


All economies are now interconnected, global, and electronic. Computers drive the global system. The new mantra within economics is called MMT (Modern Monetary Theory). The theory involves creating digital money for the planet. A cashless society is already here. Money has become an ‘inner’ concept of one’s consciousness and money creation is now derived from the ‘inner’ thinking of select elites (such as those above). Central planners rule over all money systems.


Soon the prophesied ‘mark of the beast’ financial system will he installed. Reality is determined from above and within. That which is prophesied will happen IMO. I see the handwriting on the wall of reality. Those with discernment can perceive what is happening. We live in a spiritual universe (within) and a material universe (without). I call this two realms of reality. We live in interesting times and changing times. Each person must think for themselves. Which financial church do you attend? Which one will you give allegiance to? Have a good day!

P.S. Please take the time to watch this video on banking:


Two additional Central Planning entities (financial churches) which have enormous influence on global central planning are the Bank of Canada and the Swedish Riksbank:

8.                                                                                                            Stephen Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada (42851833384) (cropped).jpg

Stephen Poloz, of the Bank of Canada, Ottawa, sets the interest rates in all of Canada. To ensure Canada’s monetary system remains intact should another financial crisis take place, for example the 2007-2008 global financial crises, the Bank of Canada has put forward a framework for the use of unconventional monetary policy measures. This church of central planning has enormous influence on global central planning policies.

  • Stimulating the economy through large-scale asset purchases, otherwise known as quantitative easing (QE); my view is that this should be called ‘official counterfeiting’ as no productive assets underlie the QE operation.
  • Funding to ensure credit is available to key economic sectors (the wealthy), and;
  • Moving its policy rate below zero to encourage spending. This reveals an MMT action (similar to Japan, France, Germany, and Sweden).

9.                                                                                                                 Stefan Ingves, Riksbankschef.jpg

Stefan Nils Magnus Ingves, Stockholm, Sweden. Ingves confronted the “task of safeguarding macroeconomic and financial stability” in 2008; and in 2009, he presided over a decline to the lowest official Swedish interest rate since records began in 1907. Facing a natural drop in the use of cash by the Swedish population, the Riksbank is pioneering the idea of introducing a central bank digital currency, the e-krona. This central planner will eventually ruin the Swedish economy with his dictatorial polices IMO. Stefan also has enormous influence at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. The BIS is the church of all churches (60 central banks meet regularly to plan our financial survival). Can anyone view the above as Capitalism? Not I! Have a good day!


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May 19th, 2019

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