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April 23, 2019 | ATTN: Mr. Trump and Mr. Mnuchin – Close Down The ESF!

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The Exchange Stabilization Fund exists mostly to rig and manipulate prices, stocks, bonds, gold/silver, and foreign exchange. It was created way back in 1934, under the FDR administration, and it still exists today. This fund can be shut down by President Trump as it exists at his pleasure. The Treasury Department under Mr. Steven Mnuchin could also demand that this entity be shut down. Read all about this fund and its history here:


I have read about this legal entity and I would suggest that it is not needed today. It’s being used to rig and distort our digital markets daily. America is not on a gold standard and our Treasury should deal openly and transparently on all our markets. What is happening today is that our Treasury (with the approval of Mr. Trump) is rigging the price of gold and silver daily on our digital/cyber markets.


The rigging has been obvious for the past seven plus years to me. Today, it is becoming obvious to many pundits who follow our markets.  via Bill Murphy and Chris Powell are well aware of this rigging activity. Bix Weir at: is also well aware of this rigging. So are many other pundits (a growing crowd today) who cover our gold/silver markets. The rigging of price is being done for policy reasons.


You can watch the real-time rigging via the tick chart at:

Today, an algorithm can trade on the Globex Exchange or a similar exchange and contracts to short these precious metals can be used to suppress the spot price. It’s all done electronically and the decisions to suppress and rig come from the highest levels of our government. Mr. Trump could change all this suppression with a phone call. He needs some encouragement from our markets, however.


Paul Craig Roberts educated me on this rigging policy back in 2011. He served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and his inside knowledge led him to his conclusions on this rigging. It’s all being done because our ‘virtual’ dollar is fragile and could not stand on its own. The policy of rigging gold/silver prices suppresses demand and supports demand for our ‘virtual’ (imaginary) dollar. It’s totally corrupt!


We have a corrupted monetary system which operates as a criminal entity from the TOP. Mr. Trump and Mr. Mnuchin could act to stop this rigging if they desired. It could start with closing down this archaic institution called the Exchange Stabilization Fund. The agent for this fund appears to be our N.Y. FED which uses their connections to trade silver/gold on the open digital market. Today, an ‘algorithm’ can be used to trade futures in gold and silver to control and rig the price.


One trader, operating out of Washington D.C. and/or New York can use a coded ‘algorithm’ to trade these metals and control/rig the spot price daily (in real-time). It’s all being done via a decision from the TOP. Get this missive to Mr. Trump and Mr. Mnuchin and ask them to stop the rigging now. Our virtual dollar (now merely a ‘name’ and a ‘number’ within cyberspace) can not create a stable international exchange system for our commerce. This is impossible given that a ‘virtual’ dollar ($1.00) is subjective and imaginary.


One phone call by Mr. Trump to our Treasury Secretary, Mr. Mnuchin could end all this rigging and price control. Within days our precious metals would find their free market price (much higher than today) and then a Reset of the entire monetary system could begin. The foundation of all money derives from these precious metals called gold and silver. Rigging the price via algorithmic trading is a totally corrupt and dysfunctional policy. It will not work longer term. Stop the rigging now. Close down the ESF now!


Every miner and every student of money should get this message to Mr. Trump. He has the authority to stop the price rigging and also to close down this archaic entity called the Exchange Stabilization Fund. Thanks for your help. The monetary system needs to be cleaned up and it can START today with a phone call from Mr. Trump to Mr. Mnuchin. Real economic policy must be based upon free markets and transparent decision-making. This is lacking today!


Read the history behind this entity called the ESF here: and also here: Have a good day! Help me with a donation if you can also! I would like to gain some traction within our markets. See donation button above!


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April 23rd, 2019

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