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February 5, 2019 | Win-Win for Sun Metals and Lorraine

Discovery Watch with John Kaiser

John Kaiser is an independent analyst based in the San Francisco area who has covered the junior resource sector since 1983. After a decade working as a research director in Vancouver he left the brokerage industry in 1994 to launch Kaiser Research Online and create the "rational speculation model" as a tool to evaluate the speculative value of exploration projects. Kaiser Research Online is a subscription service that publishes his analysis, provides searchable information on over 1500 Canadian listed mining and exploration companies, and tracks trends within the junior sector and their relationship to macro trends.

Is Trump’s wall slowing mining development?

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Discovery Watch Archives February 5th, 2019

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  • Mike Garcia says:

    Can you ask John about US Gold’s Keystone project?

  • Gary Lewis says:

    In your last post you missed an important fact.
    Antimony is a possible energy metal.
    We do not know which battery may be the next accepted industrial storage device.
    Check out the linguistic metal battery.
    The brain child of one Donald Sadoway. Another great Canadian.
    So John give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    As in the rare earth run we were ahead of the pack and created project that will go into production if We ever wake up and not allow China to control our world.
    Everybody is trying to figure out what is wrong with the resource sector from things like marijuana to bitcoin but the reality is China caused the last faults run up in the resource sector so they could fund exploration via general invests by our money only to have it crash.
    All this while they had sent human drones around the world to pick its fruit.
    and now they manipulate the world in what commodity can be produced and where they are being manufactured.
    Energy storage John is the disruptive technology that will drive the next key sector of the resource sector.
    I like what nano will do to the sector where elements that are said to be too costly become part of the cake.
    A dirt cheap cake made from dirt that puts an end to the world oil mob.
    This group loves to put predictable highs and lows to oil only to fuel project that get crushed we oil falls and around it goes again. All this while the base price has gone from 25 dollars a barrel in the early 2000 to $55 US.
    Mr Nixon cut his own throat to stop the energy treat of the time nuclear.
    This resulted in the Saudi get of single seat Camels and riding single seat jet.
    What a joke when you can march a man into the best disappearance act ever while the world watched.
    And then nothing.
    Folks the puppet masters gave us.
    We are like fish in a bowl waiting for bait.
    And now China is the master who pulls our strings.
    Will true corporate great wake up to solve this one before they get sucked in the the China black hole.
    Oh what a tangled web we weave.
    And now we are caught in it.
    John I do not call as I do not want to break your rights but I hope that you would talk while in Toronto.
    To make my point is what metal unleash the the next great energy sources.
    Antimony may in fact be one.
    The ultimate Lithium will be lithium sulphur.
    Solid state has its own advantages.
    Nickel hydrogen?
    Nano plus rare earth with their crazy electrical properties?
    I have my picks and large land packages in Uranium.

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