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February 3, 2019 | The Final Option for ‘Maduro’ is Russia!

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It now appears that the Dictator Maduro has few options left for staying in power. The one option which could prolong this affair would be the backing of Russia. Will Putin actually support Maduro with military might? If so, then Maduro could maintain control over Venezuela for a season. New elections would create the eventual leader of this fractured country. But could Trump and Putin force a military encounter over these issues?


The USA has set up their man for Venezuela and will use all means to oust Nicolas Maduro. Juan Guaido is the choice of Mr. Trump and his administration. So the final battle for control over this nation will likely be between the USA and Russia. If Putin gives in then Maduro has no real chance to survive. My sense is the Juan Guaido will assume his role as leader in the very near future.


Venezuela, however, could be a test case for why democracy leads to Mob Rule. The people of Venezuela want real freedom and democracy but they will likely get Mob Rule. The Mob of Maduro rules the nation as of today. The Mob of Guaido could rule eventually. None of this, however, will lead to peace, happiness, prosperity, and freedom for the masses of people over in Venezuela.


Man ruling man via a group-think mob mentality can not work longer term. Both Maduro and Guaido have limited perspectives and both will rule to further their particular ego. This leads to Mob Rule down the road. America’s founding Fathers recognized that this idea called Democracy is not real democracy. Why is this so? It is so because any ‘man’ ruling over another ‘man’ can not work longer term. It’s human nature which rules over all these ideas of our politicians.


Group-think and Political Correctness is what man’s politics is all about. Whoever assumes control over a nation will use their group-think mentality to impose their ideas over the many. This can not work as human beings are subjective beings with contrarian points-of-view. We all think differently and our goals are all subjective. The idea that one politician can rule and another cant is futile thinking. Freedom is what man really needs.


Trying to impose ‘unity’ via a group-think set of policies and laws can not work in today’s world of the internet. Human beings are subjective beings and to be free is necessary. This means that our Creator must rule this planet not a human administration. Both Maduro and Guaido will fail with their ideas and plans (over time). The final outcome in Venezuela will be interesting to follow. My sense is that Russia and the USA will resolve the faith of Maduro and Guaido. Might makes Right is how this world operates today!


Will the collapse of Venezuela lead to war between Russia and the USA? Absolutely…if both desire to win this battle of ego’s. Russia has the military to counter the military of the USA. If China also backs Russia then the USA will lose its ability to win a battle of guns. The outcome could be catastrophic for the people of Venezuela. Let’s hope that Putin and Xi back down and support a new election by the people of Venezuela.


We all need to learn from this coming battle of political ego’s. Money, power, control, and imposition of a group-think goal is what politics is all about. My sense is that Venezuela will give us some wisdom about why group-think politics can not work in today’s world of instant communication and instant awareness of what is happening. The global internet has changed our world and we now need to grow in wisdom and understanding.


Watch what the political ego’s do in the coming days, weeks, and months. Will Putin and Xi give in to Trump or will Trump and Guaido propose a military solution to this economic depression over in Venezuela. Will Maduro back down and call for new elections to solve the issue of leadership? Or will Maduro and Putin agree to counter the USA via some military means? It’s all happening quickly and lessons will follow after we witness the thinking of these ego’s who think they rule our planet.


Think for yourself and we all can learn from what happens over in Venezuela. I am:

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February 3rd, 2019

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