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February 26, 2019 | Is Azimut Back In The Game?

When is less, more?

February 26, 2019 | WEC Rome 2019 – The Fate of Europe & the World

This year we are holding a WEC in Rome, which is so appropriate not merely because of its extensive history that instructs us on how empires rise and fall, but because May is the crossroads for Europe. Besides BREXIT which PM Theresa May is now trying to delay because politicians fail completely to comprehend the role […]

February 26, 2019 | CEO Discusses Positive Metallurgy for Clayton Valley Lithium Project

Advancing Towards a Prefeasibility Study for Nevada Project. Read the Latest News. View  Corporate Presentation. Questions?  Email  or Phone: 604.687.3376

February 25, 2019 | “Us vs. Them” Is Always a Scam

GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – With the Dow once again over 26,000, we have to wonder… Are stocks really in a bear market? We thought we passed the peak in October. If so, we can look forward to a long bear market that will take the Dow down to 15,000 or 10,000… or so. And between the […]

February 25, 2019 | Buffett Bashes Gold Again—Here’s Why He’s Wrong

In his new letter to shareholders, Warren Buffett shows once again that undeniably great success does not equate to infallibility. His enormous accumulation of experience and manifest ability at what his brand of investing doesn’t make him the best source of guidance on other matters. Who am I to criticize a man who’s made 1,000 […]

February 25, 2019 | Traders Must Stay Optimistic Part 5 – The End

This, the final segment of our multi-part research post regarding the potential future market direction as well as to identify if there is any real concern for traders regarding a “total market collapse” as some Doomsayers are predicting should help you understand what our researchers believe is the most likely outcome.  In the previous segments […]

February 25, 2019 | 23 Cities Have 5-Yr Home Price Gains of 40%, Case-Shiller-20 Up 57% in 6 Yrs

Point2Homes notes 23 US cities had 40% or more home price appreciation in 5 yrs. I compare to Case-Shiller 20 metro area Point2Homes notes 18 North American Cities Saw Home Prices Jump Over 50% in Just 5 Years 18 of the 83 largest North American real estate markets saw home prices jump over 50% in just […]

February 25, 2019 | Toilet Paper Causes Climate Change

  It didn’t take long. They keep looking at every possible aspect to blame for climate change, so now it is toilet paper. The latest study says the largest U.S. makers of at-home tissue products—Procter & Gamble Co., Kimberly-Clark Corp., and Georgia-Pacific—all use only virgin fiber in their major brands with no recycled content. The U.S. […]

February 25, 2019 | Even Buffett Can Make a Mistake

The recent plunge in Heinz-Kraft shares reminds us that even Warren Buffett can make a mistake. A couple of years ago, it might have seemed as though the Sage’s portfolio was impervious to downturns, given its heavy focus on the basics: food chain, railroads and insurance companies. As it happens, his bet on such time-tested […]

February 25, 2019 | The Wave

“Hello Garth,” Lady Jane writes.  “I have been reading your website for a few years now and can’t recall seeing a scenario similar to mine. So I’m writing for myself and all the other single ladies over 70.” Of which, by the way, there are many. Guys are great but they wear out faster, even […]

February 25, 2019 | Slowdown Spreading with or without Further Trade Agreements

Stock markets are rallying this morning on a delay of more trade tariffs between the world’s two largest national economies. But the industrial policy, intellectual property and transfer of technology disputes between China and the US are not likely to be resolved soon, and the global slowdown is likely to continue in 2019, with or […]

February 25, 2019 | Gold Miners Underperform Even While Breaking Out

Gold miners soared in the last few weeks, broke above their declining medium-term resistance line. The picture is therefore clearly bearish, right? Not so fast – if the outlook was bullish, miners should be leading gold higher, just like they did in 2016, and this is definitely not the case. What gives? What are gold […]

February 25, 2019 | Vancouver Housing Market and Months of Inventory

Are Government taxes and regulations good for the housing market?

February 25, 2019 | Trump, Clinton, Mueller, Venezuela, and Sunspots

February 25, 2019 | Is Canadian Housing Market Frozen?

BC and Ontario Home Prices Stealthly Drop $100,000

February 24, 2019 | Capitalism – Oligarchies – Socialism

COMMENT #1: Hey Marty, I’ve never written you in this vein, but (always extremely talented) rich guys saying “Let the chips fall, free market capitalism” are gonna get washed away by this wave and we both know it. When the mass of people don’t even own a vegetable plot despite working their rears off for the […]

February 24, 2019 | “Quantitative Tightening Is Not Quantitative Tightening” Says St. Louis Fed

St. Louis Fed president James Bullard discusses Quantitative Tightening (QT). As usual, he makes little sense. James Bullard explains: When Quantitative Tightening Is Not Quantitative Tightening. The actual effects of QE appear to be far from neutral. There are many ideas about why this may be so. One leading candidate theory is that QE did not […]

February 24, 2019 | Glue-Sniffers Are Not to Blame for This Steep Rally

I’d love to tell you that bulls have been sniffing glue and that they are long overdue for a brutal comeuppance. However, it turns out they are anything but wild-eyed, and their expectations are relatively subdued.  AIAA’s most recent survey found that 35.3% of investors are ‘neutral’ right now — the highest percentage in seven […]

February 24, 2019 | The calling

Fat week. Stuffed with news. And politics rules. Monday brings federal by-elections, normally as riveting as when this blog parses RRSPs. But this time it’s different. Three votes tomorrow, three crucial outcomes for four parties. With a federal election just eight months away, and the current government embroiled in its sauciest scandal, what happens in […]

February 24, 2019 | Recession: Are We There Yet?

An old joke says economists predicted 15 of the last 10 recessions. In other words, they’re frequently wrong and often too pessimistic. I think it’s not so simple. Every recession prediction is eventually correct; some just get the timing wrong. That’s because, so long as we have a business cycle, a recession is always coming. The only […]

February 23, 2019 | Is Mind Control Real?

China is advancing in technology very rapidly. They have succeeded in connecting a human brain to the brain of a rat. This connection is then able to send an instruction to the brain of the rat which compels it to respond in a directed movement. To create a “rat cyborg” as the scientists call them, researchers […]

February 23, 2019 | Weekend Roundup — The Fed Flips, Brexit Wrecks-It, Gold and More!

The mainstream media is fixated on the on-again/off-again U.S.-China trade deal; so much so that some important stories are slipping through the cracks. Here, I’ve rounded up important, need-to-know briefings and charts on everything from a flipped-out Fed to a looming Brexit crisis to gold, oil and debt. Consider this your “must read” for the […]

February 23, 2019 | This Week in Money


February 23, 2019 | Trading Desk Notes – February 23rd

David Rosenberg said it all in one sentence this morning: “The (economic) data flow globally continues to weaken but the markets don’t really seem to care much, knowing that central banks have their backs.” I’ve been thinking that markets would start to care…that the increasing tide of weak economic data points would slow down / reverse […]

February 22, 2019 | People’s Party of Canada vs. Establishment Media

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