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February 16, 2019 | Our FAKE Economy (called Capitalism) is being Recognized by Many as an Illusion!

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There are a number of articles in today’s Barron’s, the Economist, and today’s Wall Street Journal which touch on our ‘fake’ economy and ‘fake’ Capitalism. The headlines reveal the issues:

  1. Today’s Barron’s: Avi Tiomkin says “Again, the Fed Seems Oblivious to a Crisis”
  2. Peggy Noonan in the WSJ says “Republicans Need to Save Capitalism”
  3. Lance Morrow, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, says “America Is Torn Between Trump’s Fibs and Progressive Fantasies”
  4. The February Economist Magazine says “The Rise of Millennial Socialism”. Do the radical left’s ideas about democratizing the economy make sense?


What do all these opinions suggest about our fake economy? Thinkers are now waking up to the illusions within this Fed rigged (centrally planned) economy. Avi says that there is little doubt that the world economy is sliding into a recession. He says “global sociopolitical unrest is rampant. The only effective measure to stave off a crisis is budgetary and fiscal expansion on a dramatic scale.”


Peggy says “The Democratic Party is going hard left. Millennials, the biggest voting-age bloc are to the left of the generations before them.” Peggy says we need a cleaned-up Capitalism. All this must be done with a sense of how Americans on the ground are seeing things. Republicans (she says) need to change themselves and save Capitalism. What is Peggy missing in her analysis?


The Economist says “For the American generation which has grown up since the downfall of the USSR, socialism is no longer the boo word it once was. On the left, a log of Americans are more skeptical than they used to be about Capitalism. Indeed, what might be called ‘millennial socialism’ is having something of a cultural moment.” Why this situation?


All these opinions point to what I have been saying for years. Real historical Capitalism has vanished as our fake digital money system has grown. Today, we have a centralized system of wealth where the rich get richer and everyone else falls into a debt induced despair. Some 1% of the super-rich own some 40% of all global wealth. Is this a Capitalism that can last?


The reality is that we no longer have Capitalism. We have a central bank driven system of illusions and fantasies. Money is now an ‘imaginary’ unit of the human mind with no tie to material reality. How can this be called Capitalism? We should call it Illusionism and/or Delusionism. It has no foundation which can last. Mere units of a bankers mind ($$$$$) are created to control and distribute this so-called digital wealth which we witness within our computer screens.


The current trend towards Socialism makes sense for these millennials who have no history of real historical Capitalism. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her supporters are thinking logically even though their ideas are unworkable. They witness the phoniness of today’s Capitalism and ask if a better system cannot be imagined. I understand their frustration. The SYSTEM is the problem!


We need to recognize that our SYSTEM is now the problem. It’s not the millennials or those who propose fantasy solutions. It’s the current FAKE system run by our central planners in Washington. We live with fakery, rigging, and mental illusions which need to be exposed to all the public. Our money is fake. Our debt is unpayable. Our elites who run this system are mostly fake politicians and media pundits who can not discern obvious realities in front of their face.


Look out your window to discover reality! Where is this imaginary unit called the American dollar ($)? Where does it come from? Who types this unit ($) into our computer driven currency system? Can ‘counterfeiting’ of money create a Capitalism which works (lasts)? The entire system is phony and fake. What is the concept called QE? I have been writing about this for YEARS!


Wake up to reality folks. We are living an ILLUSION/Delusion with our current fake monetary system. Illusions can not last longer term. It is time to ‘fold’ this current system and unfold a new alternative (based upon reality as we live it). Don’t blame the millennials. They are at least thinking logically. It’s our elites within politics, the media, and our education system which need exposure. Those in control are the REAL problem IMO!


That is my point-of-view. Think for yourself! Check out the reality at this website: I am:

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February 16th, 2019

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