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February 13, 2019 | Capitalism, Socialism, Communism! Key Differences!

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Today the Green New Deal is making headlines all over the planet. This ‘new deal’ outlined by our Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from New York (along with a cadre of supporters) will promote a culture where everyone becomes a slave of the State. The State will administer this Green New Deal for the benefit of everyone. But wait, what are the consequences down the road if this ‘new deal’ is implemented?


What we need to understand are these three philosophies called Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism. What are the core concepts within each of these philosophies? Why is America now heading for Communism? Let’s explore some of the basics:


  1. Capitalism was America’s political/economic system from its founding until the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR implemented the beginnings of Socialism and this concept has grown since the 1930’s.
  2. Capitalism was based on this concept called ‘decentralization’. The government (State) would protect the citizens but the private sector would grow our wealth. Private individuals and private corporations would seek growth within a decentralized system (with minimal interference from our State systems).
  3. Key to Capitalism was a money system based upon this concept called ‘value’. Money was physical and it represented ‘value’. Valuations were measured via money which was defined as a measure of weight. Our leaders chose silver and gold (defined by law so everyone knew the definition).
  4. The idea of our State creating money via a private banking system was anathema to Capitalism. Money was chosen as a proxy for ‘value’ and then it was mined from our soil (the land) and minted into coins for distribution to the public. Every citizen had the option of mining silver/gold and bringing their product to the mint for coinage. Death was the punishment for corrupting the definition of money.
  5. Capitalism was a system which focused upon creating material wealth for the marketplace. Material wealth was derived from the land (natural resources). The idea of paper or digital units serving as ‘value’ and money was viewed as a corruption of Capitalism.
  6. Capitalism encouraged self-reliance and self-responsibility in the creation of wealth and prosperity. The idea that the State could replace the individual was not valid under Capitalism.
  7. Basically, Capitalism involves the actions of private citizens within a limited State system. Decentralized markets and an Open Outcry system for determining ‘prices’ was foundational to Capitalism.



  1. Socialism emerged in America after the Great Economic Depression of 1929. Corruption within our banking system caused this great depression. To solve this corruption our banksters created a more powerful banking cartel system. It was called the Federal Reserve System (1913 to present).
  2. This new banking system called the Fed created a centralization of power under the auspices of private elites. These private elites gradually eliminated our gold/silver money system and replaced it with a paper note system. Money became a ‘faith’ concept and ‘value’ became a subjective concept of our mind.
  3. The definition of money (which previously was provided by law) became a meaningless derivation of the human mind. Banksters could now create faith money via their thinking (our dollar became merely a ‘number’ on paper).
  4. After the closing of the gold window in 1971, our money unit became merely an imaginary ‘number’ (a bookkeeping entry). A floating dollar emerged and this evolved into a floating global currency system. Some attachment to material reality was maintained via the Petro dollar scheme.
  5. In the 1980’s and 90’s a computer system emerged. Our faith dollar now became a computer digit. After 2008, the Open Outcry system for determining prices was abolished and a faith computer money system evolved.
  6. Our entire monetary system was gradually centralized so that Central Banks could rig and manipulate the price/value system globally. Today, computers and electronics circulate all our money and value. A computer (algorithmic) system has emerged for trade, valuation, and circulation.
  7. This Green New Deal (Socialism) is now possible for our marketplace. Money can now be created by the State and funneled to bureaucrats for administration. The private citizen is becoming enslaved to numbers, centralized bureaus, and immense debt.



  1. With the emergence of the United Nations (after 1947) and this Agenda called Agenda 2030 in 2015, our elites now plan to create a global One World Political/Economic System for the entire planet.
  2. Our global Pope Francis has blessed this new Socialism for the planet and all 193 members of the United Nations. America has also bought into this global Socialism which is becoming Communism as of January 1, 2016.
  3. Read all about Agenda 2030 here: and also here:
  5. Our elites are now creating this One World Global System which I refer to as the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. It is a digital system run by elites who are not responsible to any private system of economics or politics.
  6. This Green New Deal is a logical extension of what has emerged in just the past ten years. America is heading for Communism and a global system of enslavement to mental abstractions. Money is now a mental abstraction and not a ‘thing’ within nature. Computer money leads to enslavement of all mankind eventually.
  7. Central Banks now administer our entire global financial system. A few elites operating behind closed doors run our system. It’s totally corrupt and illegal. But most of our voting citizens are zombies who lack comprehension of what has emerged since (mostly) 2008.


Conclusion:  Capitalism has been replaced by Socialism which is leading to Communism. All this has happened gradually and relentlessly since the original New Deal of FDR. Our State is assuming control over all private affairs and the ‘mark of the beast’ (a numbers system) is replacing historical Capitalism. All this leads to enslavement of the individual and a dictatorship over the global marketplace.


Our only salvation is a revival of individualism, self-reliance, and self-responsibility. Will this emerge after the coming financial crash. Will people get themselves educated on all these issues of history? We must wait and watch what happens. As of today, this Green New Deal and similar concepts of Socialism seem to be growing in appeal. Send this missive to millions so our internet society can start to comprehend these issues.


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February 13th, 2019

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