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November 21, 2018 | Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq and FAANG’s

Drew Zimmerman

Investment & Futures Advisor. Drew has been a specialized Futures and Options broker for 5 years operating in Vancouver. His knowledge and experience is focused on trading currencies, stock indices, precious metals, base metals, energies, and agriculture.Drew has provided market analysis on Moneytalks Radio, BNN and Investment Conferences. Drew graduated with a B Com in International Business from the University of Victoria

Gold and Crude Oil

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Archives November 21st, 2018

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  • Alfred Winkler says:

    Do you think CorpEthics and Tides would every allow bitumen to be shipped out of Canada you are fooling yourself . Since they use recycle plastic bags the eviromentalist will decry the danger of adding more plastic to the oceans . It does not matter is it is 100 % safe , their out to save the world from by stopping Canadian Oil Sand production an CO2 produced by it produces . Canada easy target, as America does not have pay the cost . They do not want to fight American in USA and it CO2 easier to raise money to fight evil Canadian polutors than American domestic industries.
    ” Canadian National Railway (CN) holds a patent for a technology dubbed CanaPux, in an apparent reference to the hockey puck-like product under development. CN’s CanaPux website provides details about the product’s potential, and describes the technology in the following way:
    “Heavy crude oil (bitumen) is combined with polymers, a form of recyclable plastic that both thickens the crude oil into a solid shape and encases it with a protective shell. The pellets move best in open topped gondola railcars, similar to how we move coal.”
    CN also makes claims about the pucks being a safer and more environmentally friendly way of moving bitumen:
    “The pellet is not flammable or explosive, will float in water and nothing can leach or dissolve into the environment. It does not create dust.”
    Perhaps the most attractive part of this technology would be if cleaning up a “spill” of CanaPux pellets were as easy as CN’s website purports:
    “They will simply need to be picked up. That could be done by hand, with construction equipment, nets, booms or vacuums.”

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