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September 28, 2018 | Ronald Reagan’s Economist says Recession Looming!

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Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article entitled “Another Recession Is Looming”. This article by Martin Feldstein, a Ronald Reagan economist, has a message which is right-on IMO. Martin says “ten years after the Great Recession’s onset, another long, deep downturn may soon roil the U.S. economy.” I fully agree!


His message is that real estate is experiencing another bubble, a fall in home prices will likely start as our interest rates get to higher levels, a stock market slowdown could shrink consumer spending, inflation likely to increase, and our annual deficits will explode over the next decade. There is no room for a major fiscal intervention as deficits will exceed $1 trillion annually in coming years.


He says the downturn will likely be deeper and longer than the average recession. He concludes that there is nothing that the Fed or our government can do to prevent these results from happening. I would second his perceptions as I have been saying much the same for months. A recession is coming in 2019 and this can be predicted easily by those who understand prior economic history.


Our soap opera which is now happening with the new nominee to the Supreme Court (Mr. Kavanaugh) also reveals the serious polarization which exists within our politics. The current polarization within economics and politics reveals that a crisis is emerging for all Americans in just a few more months. And this crisis will be much more severe than all prior recessions. Just check out this website for details:


America’s debt and deficits are beyond solving as our economy can not grow out of these problems. In fact, the entire world is now in a similar financial crisis as our currencies are all fake and unreal. This concept called ‘value’ is at the heart of our problems and this means that our system must be reset with a new economic model. The old Keynesian model of economics is now over. We must eliminate all debt for this new model to work.


Check out these videos for more information on what is coming:



A growing group of businessmen are becoming aware of our serious debt problems. Ray Dalio gives us a six stage overview of what happens in a debt crisis. We are now entering the DOWN stage of economic history (similar to the period in 1937). Dalio thinks we could be two years from the serious crash, but I think this crash will happen in 2019 (next year). Mr. Dalio thinks Capitalism can solve theses problems but my view says that Capitalism is over. We need a NEW MODEL which eliminates all debt.


I am:

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September 28th, 2018

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