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August 27, 2018 | Managed Economy – The New Rreality!

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

Our stock markets are key to how people think and feel. If the stock markets go up and up, then investors feel good (irrespective of political events or foreign policy issues). Have you noticed this reality? Our Dow Index is up some 19% in the past 12 months, the S & P index is up 18.6% these past 12 months, and the NASDAQ is up some 28% the past 12 months. This could be called a MANAGED EVENT or a Managed Economy IMO!


Who can ‘manage’ our stock markets with precision and relative efficiency (continually)? My response is computers, algorithms, central planning, robots, artificial intelligence, and the availability of unlimited money digits for this management. We now live with computerized trading and with money units which can be created in unlimited quantities (merely by thinking up numbers to type into the computer). Our Central Banks trade all our cyber markets today and this means that these elites (operating behind closed doors) can manage the results…with relative efficiency.


Think of our global economy as made up of computers, algorithms, and speed of light trading. If a particular stock needs to be elevated to create an upward trend for an index market, then this can be accomplished with a trade coming from our Central Bank traders. Our Dow index, for example, has only 30 stocks which need to be monitored and managed. The key stocks in the Dow are those which are weighted to affect the entire index. These stocks can be managed so as to elevate the entire Dow (when desired).


This reality of managing the Dow, the S & P, and the NASDAQ indexes is very important for our Central Planners. If these indexes are managed effectively and efficiently, then the entire global economy can be managed to some degree (especially the Western cyber exchanges). America’s index markets are key to the trends in the other electronic markets around our planet. Why? Because our American dollar ($) affects markets everywhere. America’s dollar is the reserve currency for the planet.


Prices of key commodities can also be managed today by our Central Bank planners (the traders). If a particular commodity (say gold) needs to be suppressed to maintain confidence in our digital money system, then this can be accomplished via a trading algorithm on our electronic futures exchanges. Gold and/or Silver prices can be suppressed (indefinitely) so that general positive sentiment in the illegal digital money continues. Our investors (mostly) do not view digital money as counterfeit and/or illegal. At least this seems to be the situation as of today.


The vast majority of consumers, traders, and investors view digital money as valid legal tender (at least for now). This situation must be maintained by our Central Planners so that confidence continues in these imaginary money units. Digital money units (according to our Central Bankers) need to replace all physical/historical money items. If investors were to view our digital money as illegal or invalid, then most everyone would desire historical money units (silver and gold). So our Central Planners must continue to ‘manage’ our markets so this does not happen.


It is obvious, to me, that our Central Planners (key Central Bank traders, etc.) desire to eliminate physical money units from the marketplace. Physical money units consist of the paper notes, metal coins, silver coins, and gold coins in the marketplace. The new world of money must be digital/cyber…so as to allow our elites (who operate behind closed doors) to ‘manage’ our economy (nationally and globally). This is how the new regime works…which has emerged since the financial crisis of 2008.


The Bank for International Settlements is the key meeting place for our various central planners. This venue over in Basel, Switzerland, is where our Central Bankers meet regularly to scheme and plan so as to ‘manage’ the global cyber financial system. All is managed via centralized computers with the help of select algorithms which can trade our markets 24/7. Computers which can trade with unlimited cyber digits (as money) can manage the entire global marketplace today. Why? Because we now live with electronic markets and a collusion of thinking at the global level.


There are some 65 major electronic exchanges on our planet. The key exchanges are located in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Our FED is the key central planner for the entire global system. Our FED (operating out of New York and Washington D.C.) has some 500+ traders which can trade our global markets 24/7. Today, trading can be done via robots and algorithms (when desired). This means that these Central Planners (key traders operating behind closed doors) can manage the entire global trading system 24/7…via their algorithms and high-speed computers. Robots can do the trading!


Think of our global system as made up of 60 select venues on our planet (the BIS has 60 Central Banks as members of this organization). These 60 Central Banks can manage the entire planet as they all collude via a network system to accomplish global management of the markets. The BIS is located in Basel, Switzerland, and this venue is key to managing the entire global marketplace. Check out their website at: These select elites have a global network of computers (and algorithms) which rule over all our electronic markets. It’s a new world of machines which rule over today’s markets.


Think of our world as a cyber/digital/electronic marketplace. Computers rule over the entire market BUT select computers ‘manage’ the global marketplace. Central Bankers who meet regularly (over in Basel, Switzerland) can now manage the entire global marketplace with trading algorithms and their high-speed computers. Unlimited trading digits are available for trading as our money units are now created from the thinking of these elites (operating behind closed doors). Money is now non-physical!


The correct word for our global economy should be these words “Managed”. Our markets are managed via computer algorithms on a 24/7 basis. Think on this concept as representative of our current system. We now live with a ‘managed’ digital/electronic marketplace where select centralized computers, robots, artificial intelligence, source codes, and algorithms rule over all markets. Historical money has mostly been eliminated and a CASHLESS world has arrived. Metaphysical money rules over finance!


Digital money and electronic trading encompasses our new global system. Our Central Planners are our Central Bankers with assistance from their select trading software (algorithms) which trade all these 65 electronic exchanges on our planet. All consists of a network of computers, algorithms, and robots (mostly). The key elites who rule over this system meet over in Basel, Switzerland on a regular basis to monitor, control, manage, and rig all these cyber/electronic markets. What a change from yesteryear! Think for yourself on all this! Check out : for more info.


I am:


P.S. Keep in mind that I am available to debate anyone on issues of money, banking, economics, theology, and philosophy. We live in a new world which few comprehend.

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August 27th, 2018

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