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June 18, 2018 | Sweden celebrates 350 years of Central Banking in 2018! Watch the videos!

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Sweden hands central bank governor (Stefan) new powers to boost inflation (5 Jan 2016)

In an effort to combat deflation, the governor of Sweden’s Riksbank has been given the power to intervene unilaterally and instantly in certain foreign exchange issues.

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Stefan Ingves, Governor of Sveriges Riksbank, has been granted extended powers to manipulate, regulate, control, and monitor the Swedish economy from his office at the Riksbank in Stockholm, Sweden.

In a bid to push up inflation, Sweden’s central bank has handed its governor, Stefan Ingves, and deputy, Cecilia Skingsley, increased powers to intervene in foreign exchange markets. The governor, Stefan Ingves, will have the ability to devalue the Swedish krona (instantaneously), should he deem it necessary to boost inflation. All this is done by Stefan and his female deputy (behind closed doors in Stockholm).


Rather than having to gain approval from a committee as before, the governor will now be able to decide how to intervene in foreign exchange markets instantly, in order to allow the central bank – known as the Riksbank – to act quicker. This is typical of all major Central Banks (USA, Europe, England, Japan).


Comments: What has emerged in the last few years is a system where our Central Banks rule singularly over all finance on this planet. This is now easy as our money is ‘digital’ and can be created, manipulated, and controlled via the computer keys which select bankers can operate behind closed doors. Computer money (which we call digital money) is the means for valuation and pricing of all goods and services.


The history of the Riksbank is interesting. This bank started in 1668 and has operated some 350 years in Stockholm, Sweden. This bank is viewed as the oldest central bank and the video of its history reveals all the intrigue, corruption, and change which banking has witnessed since its origin. The Swedish history is typical of all central banks (especially those in the West). I found the history fascinating.


What is the future of Central Banking? The future is here now in the form of computers, digital money, and the evolution towards a global digital world of finance. Think of what is happening today. A few Central Bankers are being given the power to create digital money out-of-nothing (their thinking) and then to favor select borrowers and politicians with their dictatorial powers. Yes, we now have a dictatorship over our monetary system.


Sweden is typical of what has happened in just the past 10 years. Stefan Ingves is now the DICTATOR of finance over all of Sweden. He can create inflation, deflation, high interest rates, low-interest rates, quantitative easing (QE in the billions), and he and his female deputy, Cecilia Skingsley, can do all this behind closed doors in Stockholm, Sweden. The master money computer for Sweden is located in the office of Stefan Ingves in Stockholm. Billions of krona can be created or destroyed by just this one dictator over Swedish finance. But who is aware and informed on all this corruption?


Do my Swedish friends have any idea what power this one person has over Sweden? I doubt it! Swedes are not aware, informed, or knowledgeable about what is happening behind closed doors at the Riksbank on money issues. Most think that digital money is great and will lead to more prosperity and growth (indefinitely). Few comprehend the negatives which derive from a centralized dictatorship over money and credit. As long as the Swedish economy is generally prosperous, few will complain or care.


A few, however, will desire to be informed on what all this means for the future. Digital money (in Sweden the e-krona) will be ubiquitous soon. Stefan uses this e-krona daily for his monetary manipulations (but he does not use these words in public). He has the current interest rate at -0.50 and his goal today is a 2% inflation rate for all of Sweden. But is this a stable situation longer term? I don’t think so! The economy will change and Stefan will need to act unilaterally to change the supply of krona in circulation. He can now do this privately and behind closed doors at the Riksbank in Stockholm.


The future of banking is a global dictatorship over all digital money. A single digital currency for the planet is evolving (among the elite). If you understand the situation at the Riksbank, then you might understand what is happening globally to all finance. Centralization is taking place and just a FEW unelected dictators are gaining the power over all global finance. This will lead to tyranny and eventually the enslavement of all mankind. Money rules over this planet and those who control this ‘tool’ rule over the planet. People need to wake-up and think about what is evolving!


Take the time to read the information about Sweden’s central banker and the history of the Swedish Riksbank. It is instructive for all citizens of this world.


Also check out this link on what our select bankers are doing:

The information is typical of what has happened to finance over the entire planet. We will soon experience the ‘mark of the beast’ system for the entire planet. It is emerging rapidly and globally. The next major stock market correction/crash could start the clock running for this ‘mark of the beast’ financial system. It creates global enslavement for the masses of humanity. Stefan and his unelected buddies will avoid the pain that others will experience. Think for yourself on these matters to discern reality. I am:

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June 18th, 2018

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