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June 7, 2018 | Deep State Meets Today in Turin, Italy!

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Part of our Deep State is what many call the Bilderberg Group of leaders who meet annually to discuss world events and plan strategies for implementing a global one-world system for our planet. Today, June 7, the meeting starts over in Turin, Italy. Their website claims some 131 leaders will attend. Who are a few of the personalities that will attend this secret meeting of elites on June 7 – 10, 2018?


A Central Banker is attending from England. Yes, Mark Carney will be at the Turin meeting. Also attending will be Henry Kissinger of the USA who attends nearly every year. Other notables are Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal and Stanley Fischer, prior Vice Chairman of our Fed. Bloomberg news and the Economist magazine will also have representatives at the meeting. The Secretary of the Vatican, another one-worlder, will be in attendance.


The issues are many and the various presentations can be observed at the bilderberg website:


An interesting topic at this Deep State meeting will be the concept of a ‘post truth’ world. What is a ‘post truth’ world? The idea seems to be that ‘truth’ is now relative and that all those who espouse some ‘absolute’ truth are deceived. This means that all those teachers within our various religious organizations are now outside of any objective ‘truth’ with their teachings. This would also apply to all science teachers. Post truth means essentially ‘no truth’!


Post Truth might also imply that anything is now acceptable as a strategy for representing reality. So our Deep State participants can now implement their (personal) agenda without any challenge from those who claim that ‘absolute truth’ rules over our thinking. Throw-out the Bible and also any other Holy Book. All is relative and there is ‘no’ objective truth which governs mankind. Will this be part of the message this weekend in Turin? Probably!


We have the G-7 meeting being held over in Canada and simultaneously we have the Bilderberg Group meeting over in Italy. They can certainly use their Smart Phones to coordinate any real strategies between the two venues. Today, leaders can meet at any venue on our planet and also keep in touch with others who have a similar Deep State mindset. Our world is now totally interconnected and wired for real-time communication anywhere.


Watch the news to discover what these rulers desire for all us sheeple. My sense is that a global world bank will soon be proposed for our planet. Then they will propose a global single digital currency. Then a global military and a global religion. Those in POWER will do whatever is necessary to rule over all of us (eventually). Human nature drives these elites to this end. Take the time to watch and learn from events that are emerging. I will do similar. I am:

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June 7th, 2018

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