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June 15, 2018 | CEO Talks About Responsible Cobalt Initiative

RecycLiCo™ Battery Materials Inc.

RecycLiCo™ Battery Materials, is a battery recycling and upcycling company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada that developed the RecycLiCo™ patented process. The RecycLiCo™ process is a closed-loop, hydrometallurgical process with minimal processing steps and up to 100% extraction of lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese from lithium-ion battery waste. From waste to cathode, RecycLiCo™ creates valuable lithium-ion battery materials, with low environmental impact, for direct integration into the re-manufacturing of new lithium-ion batteries.

How does Blockchain tie into this?

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Archives June 15th, 2018

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One Comment

  • Marco Antonio Murillo Betancur says:

    Having a university degree in oceanology, and a masters in chemical engineering, I clearly understand the problems of securing a responsible source of cobalt to make electric batteries. Cobalt-Nickel-Manganese nodules in the bottom of the ocean are still a huge challenge to think about them as a responsible source of cobalt. On one side there are the problems associated with disturbing the benthic fauna in the ocean floor, specially in the rift-zones where the submarine vocanic vents create the conditions for an inmense number of organisms that contribute to spread mineral-rich lodes into the food-chain. The chemiotrophic life that grows in the rift-zones of the ocean are admirably using non-solar sources of energy to create biomass, and that is the bottom line of the trophic chain in the world. Having said that, the only nodules that I think are feasible to mine from the ocean floor are the ones laying on the plains of the Pacific seabed, but the nodules are at great depth, and expensive equippment might be required to mine them. I know Nautilus Minerals launched the world´s largest exploration campaign back in 2007 off the coast of Papua New Guinea. They are pursuing a completly different way to get the metals than you are, but in your own way, American Manganes has gained the know-how to recycle used (high power) batteries containing Li-Co-Ni, to recover the metals using a propietary technology, and a blockchain that seems to be capable of tracking each battery from its birth to its death at the recycling plant. Recycling cobalt from batteries can be more cleaver than that.

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