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May 8, 2018 | Trump, Iran Deal, Israel, John Kerry, and Poop

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The Goddard Report Archives May 8th, 2018

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  • Holly Hallston says:

    Rivero gets dumber all the time. He’s the same guy that insisted we were going to have a nuclear war with Korea. Gee, I must be seeing things because the last I heard the Koreans were shaking hands at the DMZ, the US detainees were coming home with Pompeo, and there’s a possible upcoming summit to bring these guys out of the stone age.

    So pulling out of a deal that hands the Iranians and their crony globalist buddies a half a trillion dollars in US taxpayer monies over the next two years, a deal the Iranians have no intention of keeping anyway, is, in the brilliant analysis of pothead Rivero’s mind, a bad idea. Now I’ll give you a prediction; the Iranians will come to the table just as the North Koreans are doing. For a guy who post on his website continuously how his server is getting attacked by evil globalist censors, to take the side of the same group of criminals who made the deal with the Iranians, well, let’s just say the pot is giving poor Michael a huge problem with cognitive dissonance. Hey Rivero, do us a favor. Why don’t you find out why Hillary is in New Zealand today meeting with Five Eyes spooks. C’mon, your not going to tell me you don’t know who they are, are you?

    • Willy2 says:

      – North Korea: I never thought there would be a (nuclear) war in Korea because all parties involved (China, the Koreas, US, Japan) had simply too much to lose when a war would break out.
      – Iran: Those “half a trillion in US taxpayer money” was money of Iran/Persia to begin with. This money was deposited in US banks by Persia in the 1970s before 1979 when the relationship between the US and Persia/Iran was still good. It was used e.g. to buy US weapons.
      – The notion that Iran is working on a nuclear weapon is nonsense. Already since the mid 1980s there were several reports that an iranian nuclear weapon was “just around the corner”. Countries with a nuclear weapon (China, US, UK, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea) all tested their nuclear weapons – at least – once. But there were never reports of Iran performing a nuclear test. In other words, Iran doesn’t have and isn’t working on a nuclear bomb.

  • Willy2 says:

    – What one Micheal Rivero overlooks is that A LOT OF “illegal aliens” enter the US with a temporary visa and enter the country through an airport. and then they simply stay in the country even when their visa has expired.
    – Trump and the Republicans have rigged the US elections of 2016. They eliminated A LOT OF voters who would have been voting for the Democrats. Greg Palast has reported extensively on this “vote rigging” scheme.

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