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May 18, 2018 | Pope Francis says: Money is ‘Dung of the Devil’!

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Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article about the philosophy of Pope Francis and his Vatican Financial Information Authority. Our global Pope (so it appears) does not approve of much of that which is happening within today’s Capitalism. He views today’s Capitalism as a system which promotes inequality and injustice. He views money as the ‘dung of the devil’. He thinks we now need a global Central Bank to regulate the international financial system. He wants banks to serve “works of religion”.


The problem with this philosophy of our global Pope is that his system of a centralized financial system, monitored and controlled by select elites (probably under his authority to some degree), is essentially a form of global Communism. Why would our Vicar of Christ, who supposedly represents the glorified Yeshua (in the heavens), be promoting a system which the historical Yeshua would denounce as false, unholy, and man centered. Yeshua desired the Kingdom of his Father (God) and not global Communism (under man’s auspices). Read his words in the Gospel of Mark.


The article in the WSJ was entitled ‘Vatican, in Paper, Supports Stricter Market Regulation’. The Pope appears to understand that money is the ‘root of all evil’ and this may be why he called it the ‘dung of the devil’. Personally, I also view today’s digital/cyber money as ‘dung’. So I agree with Pope Francis on this issue. But to create a centralized monstrosity at the Vatican or another venue (say Basel, Switzerland) to regulate and control all finance is anathema to past church history and to individual freedom. It’s contrary to the philosophy of the historical Yeshua (Jesus).


I am surprised that our Holy Father, who supposedly acts as the substitute of Yeshua (on Earth), would desire a global centralized bank to regulate all commerce for this planet. This reveals, to me, that this spiritual leader does not understand human nature or the history of money. A global Central Bank would allow enslavement of the masses to mere cyber numbers. This enslavement would reduce freedom and individual responsibility (hallmarks of past Christian philosophy). Also, a global Central Bank would favor the rich and well-heeled at the expense of the masses.


I don’t think Pope Francis is properly representing the historical Yeshua (Jesus) with this mindset. What would Yeshua (Jesus) do is a relevant question? My sense of history and scripture is that Yeshua would abandon money completely (if he were here today). He certainly would not desire the ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system…which is now emerging with a vengeance. Our current digital/cyber money system is a direct progenitor of this ‘Mark of the Beast’ financial system. It’s here now. Is the Pope aware of past history, economic theory, and human nature?


Our global Pope needs new advice IMO on issues of economics and money. We certainly do not need global Communism (with a few elites running the planet from behind closed doors at the Vatican or Basel). This is totally anathema to all teachings of Yeshua and his followers. Yeshua desired the Kingdom of God (his Father). Yeshua preached that his Father’s Kingdom would eventually replace all the ‘isms’ of this world. God (Yahweh) would rule over the entire planet. Freedom for each individual would be primary under this Kingdom.


Send this missive to Pope Francis for his consideration. Maybe he will change his mindset on some of these financial issues. His view on money is valid IMO. Money is the ‘dung of the devil’. Today’s money is merely a ‘symbol’, ‘name’, and a ‘number’. It has no outer reality to it. We are living with spiritual ‘dung’ today and I applaud the Pope for this reference. But we certainly do not desire enslavement to a centralized committee of corrupt elites. This mindset is totally anathema to the mission, message, and philosophy of the historical Christ (Yeshua). Think for yourself! I am:

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May 18th, 2018

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