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April 9, 2018 | Trump to speak at Summit in Lima, April 14 (Saturday)! What must be said IMO?

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Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump will travel to Peru this week where he will attend the Summit of the Americas, according to a White House official.

The trip will mark the first time that the president has traveled to South America since his inauguration in January 2017. The eighth Summit of the Americas will be held on April 13-14, in Lima, Peru. During this summit, representatives from OAS member countries will discuss democratic governance, corruption, public-private partnerships, and environmental reforms.
Comments: President Clinton, Bush, and Obama also attended this summit in prior years. President Trump is expected to attend and give a speech on April 14 (Saturday) at the Summit in Lima, Peru. The Wall Street Journal, Page A17, covered some details about this summit and the actors who will attend. What are the issues that confront these politicians this year?
1. The issues in Venezuela are primary. The economy has crashed and many people are starving. The Venezuela currency, the Bolivar, is now trading at 49,600 for a single U.S. dollar. It was at 9 to 1 last year. The communist dictatorship has allowed Maduro, the current President since 2013, to subjugate these people via force and his military might. The Caracas General stock exchange crashed last year (some 99.9%). This electronic exchange is now recovering but the corruption of this exchange has not changed. The TOP/down system allows for all this corruption which money provides those in control. Maduro was not invited to the Lima Summit but will Mr. Trump address this issue on Saturday? I will publish his speech in another blog next week.
2. The issues in Cuba have not improved. This communist dictatorship has existed since the 50’s. The Castro brothers have ruled and prevented any real freedom for the masses. Cuba will attend the Summit in Lima on Friday and Saturday. Will Mr. Trump address the issue of communism and its TOP/down control over the people? Communism is the problem as it allows the FEW to govern over the MANY. It’s a corrupt philosophical concept which elites tend to favor. Will Trump speak to this issue in Lima on Saturday?
3. The countries of Bolivia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua are equally corrupt regimes. The people are enslaved with a communist type system which enslaves the many. Liberation is impossible without the people becoming informed and voting in new leaders who will abandon this TOP/down mindset of rulership. Democracy is better but not a solution as democracy leads to MOB rule. America has mob rule with the Red’s and the Blue’s fighting over who will rule America. The Red Gang rules with corruption and then the Blue Gang rules with their corruption. It continues indefinitely and no-one can change this situation without the people voting for NEW leaders who collapse this corrupt philosophy of TOP/down rulership.
For some details on these issues from another point-of-view read the WSJ article called “If Trump Meets Castro” in the April 9 edition. Mary Anastasia O’Grady does a great job in outlining some of the issues.
Some additional issues to ponder:
1. Cracks are appearing in many sectors of our economy. Real estate prices are in a huge bubble (in most major cities). This bubble will burst later in 2018 and especially in 2019. Get ready for another 2008-09 event but much worse. It is automatic when interest rates are raised to a level where ‘affordability’ becomes an issue.
2. Retail sales are declining and this means consumers have insufficient funds for spending (so that continuing growth ensues). This sector may not crash in 2018, but the trend is ominous for 2019 and after. Will our Fed and the other Central Banks reinstitute a new round of QE in 2019? To lower interest rates and give consumers more spending power, this may be necessary. Watch what our Central Banks propose going forward!
3. Our national and private debt is growing at record levels. Just look at the numbers here: The numbers speak loudly that debt is our problem and our leaders have avoided addressing this issue. It will lead to a crash (in time). Central Banks may start a new round of QE when our markets decline by over 20%. As of today, our electronic markets have only lost some 10% of value. This is not a correction!
4. The Middle East situation is ominous. Will Trump actually pull out of Syria (as he claims). Keep in mind that Mr. Trump tweets contradictory words mostly every other day. How can anyone rely on his mindset? Does he have a vision for America?
5. Are all the False Flag events leading to WWIII? The chlorine (chemical) attack over in Syria could be an event which was staged. I find that ‘evidence’ for all these dire events (Syria, Britain, Afghanistan, New York, etc.) are never given to the public. We must ASSUME that the events are accurate even though the evidence is hidden from us. See Jesse Ventura’s evidence of hidden (secret) documents (some 16 million) which prevent the public from discerning what is happening! Jesse’s evidence is more relevant IMO.
6. Who actually rules over our planet is another great question. Science says the human brain rules over my/your behavior. Religion says the human mind rules. So which is it? Does my/your brain and its neuron transmitters rule my behavior or not? Great question to ponder. It could be key to our future!
7. Corporations are people is another issue to ponder. Remember when Mitt Romney, in 2011, responded to a heckler’s call to raise taxes on corporations instead of people? Mitt said, “Corporations are people, my friend”. Is a Corporation actually a person (in reality). I don’t think so! Our government leaders have corrupted our dialogue and the system with ideas which are false and diabolical. Time to vote them ALL out!
Conclusion for today!
The coming election in November would be a good time to start voting for alternatives to the Red and Blue elites who rule over us. These GANGS of Red and Blue states promote their agenda with Corporate funds called Super PACs. Super PACs can accept limitless donations from virtually anyone and spend unlimited amounts on political advertising, as long as they do not coordinate with a campaign. Although super PACs must eventually disclose their donors, they can accept cash from “dark money” organizations, which aren’t required to reveal their backers. Think for yourself: I am:

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April 9th, 2018

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