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March 9, 2018 | Stocks Fulfilling Upside & Nearing Targets; Gold Bottoming

Eric Hadik began studying & trading the futures markets in the early-80’s - eventually providing his analysis & trading strategies to multi-national oil companies & top-20 banks. In the 90’s, while continuing to trade, Eric consulted dozens of gold & silver miners & manufacturers - before founding INSIIDE Track Trading and providing similar analysis to institutional & individual traders. His work has been featured in IBD, WSJ, Barrons, on CNBC and most recently at Forbes. His trading approach begins with extensive cycle & wave analysis, then honed by specific technical indicators & trading signals (which are reserved for his subscribers).

On a yearly basis, the 2000 peak came 18 years (two 9-year cycles) from the 1982 low. The biggest surge began in Jan. 1991 (initiation of Persian Gulf War I air assault) and lasted for 9 years… similar to the current move since March 2009. That 1982 low came 9 years from the early-1973 peak – a high that ushered in a ~2-year/50% crash during a Presidential Crisis and a Middle East conflict.

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March 9th, 2018

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