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March 28, 2018 | Discovered in the Abandoned Valley

GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – Big Tech led the way up. It will probably be in the lead on the way down, too. Bloomberg: The market’s darlings just suffered the worst day in at least three years. The NYSE FANG+ index, tracking the FANG [Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google] block and six of its megacap brethren, tumbled as […]

March 28, 2018 | GBP/USD – A Choppy Triangle Pattern Setup?

Price action (choppiness) suggests maybe the dollar bottom may be delayed.  We say that as we expect a major bottom in the buck soon; then a counter trend really of multi-month variety to wrong-foot the dollar bears.  A triangle pattern as shown below, would keep the market guessing before a final thrust lower in the […]

March 28, 2018 | LNG Project Gets a Tax Boost, and Now Steels Itself for Final Steps

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is how Canada can fetch higher prices for a relatively climate-friendly commodity, and on March 22 the British Columbia government gave the industry a major boost. The BC government dealt some big cards to the LNG sector on March 22 that made LNG Canada’s hand look stronger than ever. The new […]

March 28, 2018 | How AMZN Could Fall Below $200

Traders savaged AMZN on Wednesday, knocking $30 billion off the company’s market value following a report at that Trump thinks the retailer is too powerful.  The timing of this oft-rehashed story undoubtedly was orchestrated by shakedown artists on Wall Street who stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars as the stock swings violently […]

March 28, 2018 | So, Buy It

So many questions. So little time. Here we go again, despite the fact this blog threatens to turn into a cheap site full of tawdry advice for hormonal moisters or confused wrinklies. Yes, from ETF strategies to real estate predictions, relationship counselling, canine management and dating techniques, it’s all here. “Love the blog,” says Quentin, […]

March 28, 2018 | China/Asia Economic Implosion on the Horizon?

PART I Recent news of the US enacting $60 billion in economic tariffs on China as well as reactionary tactics from China have everyone spooked.  The US stock markets and global markets tanked last week as this news hit the wires.  At, we have been warning of a massive upside move in precious metals […]

March 28, 2018 | “Tech Wreck,” “Techlash,” “Techmageddon” – Whatever You Call It, Wall Street Is Terrified Of It

Back in the 1990s, critics of the dot-com bubble used to point out that the global economy depended on the US stock market and the US stock market depended on, like, ten Internet stocks with negative aggregate earnings. The resulting inverted financial pyramid was, the critics claimed, very easy to tip over. They were right […]

March 28, 2018 | Safety of Oil Tankers

BC NDP and Kitimat LNG

March 28, 2018 | Why Do People Buy High and Sell Low?

Where are the US and Canadian Dollars heading?

March 28, 2018 | Vancouver Area Politicians Vote Themselves Hefty Pension

  • Bob Mackin –   BC NDP Government wasting millions on partisan ads

March 28, 2018 | Gold and Unstable Markets

FAANG stocks

March 27, 2018 | The Fed is Raising Rates Because of the Pension Crisis

QUESTION: The Fed says it will raise rates two or three times more this year. My question is this: If the stock market is crashing, why are they still raising rates? HW ANSWER: The Fed is raising rates because they must be NORMALIZED given the pension crisis. They are trying to get them back up […]

March 27, 2018 | 4 Gold Charts to Knock Your Socks Off

In Saturday’s column, we talked about why President Trump’s decisions on trade tariffs and security are good for gold. You can read it here: “Cry Havoc! And Grab Gold.” Last week, we saw gold post its biggest weekly gain since 2016. That’s what made me so bullish. My fear was I might be too early. That […]

March 27, 2018 | All Hail the Techs

GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – All hail the techs! The stock market bounced back with a big gain yesterday. The buy-the-dippers gained a couple of points. The future can wait; the big crash is still ahead.   —   Authority of Total Ignorance Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Facebook is struggling: Facebook Inc. is heading toward its worst […]

March 27, 2018 | An Easy Way to Stay in Rhythm with the Stock Market

  Old-time slot machines could be gamed to pay off more frequently than usual by using a technique called “rhythming.” As described by gambling legend John Scarne, it entailed playing two slot machines simultaneously. We’re doing something similar by “rhythming” AMZN’s ups and downs alongside price action in the broad averages. The result is a […]

March 27, 2018 | The Shove Off

With just a few days remaining in the only month that tells you what to do, things are looking dodgy for the nation’s biggest housing market. Exclusive numbers secured by GreaterFool operatives confirm the pattern of the last few months. Down. The FOMO is gone and sales are falling. Up to Tuesday just 2,276 properties of all […]

March 27, 2018 | The Compound Magic of Spending Less to Have More

In 25 years as a lawyer and financial analyst I’ve prepared and reviewed lots of income and expense statements, for businesses and households, across all income brackets. Early on I noted that in terms of financial strength, the level of expenditure is far more definitive than the level of income. When there are lots of […]

March 27, 2018 | Amazing: ‘Abundance’ Replaces Scarcity! Why? Let’s Review!

Our world is now flowing in ‘abundance’ of material products (just check this out at your local supermarket and then watch the above video)…and this trend is ubiquitous/everywhere…and this means that economic ‘scarcity’ is no longer our economic problem. Soon our world will have all their basic material needs met. But there is still a […]

March 27, 2018 | Coincident Economic Indicators: History Suggests Recession is Close

The Philadelphia Fed’s coincident economic activity index suggests the economy is close to recession. The Coincident Economic Activity Index is produced monthly by the Philadelphia Fed. The indexes are released a few days after the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) releases the employment data for the states. The coincident indexes combine four state-level indicators to […]

March 27, 2018 | What Do Higher Interest Rates Mean? Part 1: No More Refis

The developed world has lived with unnaturally-low interest rates for so long that it’s become hard to imagine what life in a normal financial system would be like. But as rates finally start to rise, some of the necessary lifestyle adjustments are emerging. A big one is the fact that the days of refinancing one’s […]

March 27, 2018 | Gold Outlook

Wild Ride on the Markets

March 27, 2018 | Are Markets on the Edge of a Cliff?

Will Gold climb if Equities fall?

March 26, 2018 | Cry Havoc! And Grab Gold

“Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!” — Mark Antony in William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. The U.S. is gearing up for war on multiple fronts: the trade front and actual, physical conflict. This is sending stocks and bonds on the Devil’s own roller coaster. The Dow reeled from its biggest one-day drop […]

March 26, 2018 | Protectionism & Trade Wars

While Trump is being portrayed and the insane President hellbent on destroying world trade, the truth is the tariffs on steel and aluminum account for 0.2% of GDP or just 2% of actual trade flows of $2.4 trillion. On top of that, every president at least since Jimmy Carter has imposed protectionist tariffs on some […]

March 26, 2018 | Overheard in a Wall Street Bar…

GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – Friday evening after the bell rang on the New York Stock Exchange, traders and analysts, sell side and buy side, 2018 quants and deep value dinosaurs, million-dollar-a-year partners as well as the order takers and clerks, all got on their trains and into taxis and autos for the ride home. Some retired […]

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