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March 23, 2018 | “Normal” Background Microwave Radiation Causing Cancer

The Goddard Report

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The Goddard Report Archives March 23rd, 2018

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  • Bill says:

    I worked in the telecom world for 25 years building cell networks. Yes there is issues with RF but I’m a tech and know techs that have cells glued to their heads since 1995 and no cancer. My router is on a timer to reduce exposure. You can program it yourself. No exposure is the best of course but your razer and lighting emits energy as well..
    Fiber or GPON is in my home and across Canada in many areas. Its connected direct to a managed switch then your router at your house! The router is still wifi communicating to all your devices if turned on. Your TV could be wireless in Haida Gwaii as it will be connecting through your wifi / managed switch unless they hard wire their whole house. That’s not happening.
    Pole mount cell (micro cells) that I have worked on is are being deployed BECAUSE of capacity and coverage. If they didn’t people in the airport (YVR 24 cells) or malls would be choked as coverage would suck or the Cell site would go into call blocking from too much demand. These have a lot less output pwr then a macro sites…. This closer proximity of cell sites allows your hand set too turn the power way down which is safer and extending battery life… Closer prox allows much faster data speeds that all these new handsets require and people want.
    We built a few 100 macro sites in BC in the 90s and now there are 1000s of micro cells. We just put huge DAS (cell Distributed Antenna Systems) systems in every hospital in BC and on every 2nd floor. Trump Tower too 😉
    This stuff is not going away and copper is dead. I would advise you reduce your exposure ie don’t sit by your Wifi, shut it off at night, don’t sleep with your cell or shut it off. Of ya and your car will have blue tooth and maybe LTE! As distance grows from a device exposure levels drop exponentially. FYI the old AMPs put out way more power! But I have seen no proof of cancer and I also worked on micro wave radios my whole life. The dangerous stuff is high pwr system like the radar they use on ships. Guys got nuked in the 2nd world war.
    Yes 5G is on its way I worked on the trial. No stopping it.
    There’s no way this business is stopping because its making our very greedy crooked but broke gov HUGE cash. Did you know the telecoms having given MILLIONS from Gov (Taxpayers) to build piles of cell sites….
    But we actually have bigger problems out front. Global warming is another hoax and a tax grab!

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