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March 26, 2018 | Maverick ‘Sweden’ could serve as a Model for a Volunteer society! Let’s Explore!

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

Sweden consists of around 10 million citizens who could create a New Economic Model for our planet! It’s up to the young and those with creativity!

Young Swedes could revolutionize their society by eliminating the Krona and all money substitutes! This could be a New Model for our planet!

Sweden’s Riksbank in Stockholm could be closed and the Krona deleted from all computers! Why the need for this archaic institution and its elite?

This Central Banker could find a new job in the Swedish countryside. He is not needed if the Krona is deleted from his Central Bank computers!

Swedish elites desire to enslave the young and all future generations with imaginary/digital money which lives only in cyberspace. Is this necessary?

The Riksbank policies will be revealed as corrupt when fully understood!

Stefan Ingves works behind closed doors (in Stockholm) to rig, manipulate, and control the Swedish economy! His money creation ideas have bankrupted Sweden!

Eliminating money from planet Earth is a goal of Kingdom Economics. Today, we live with imaginary money (units of consciousness which are inner/subjective) and this type of money ($$$$$) is not meant for our future growth or our future prosperity. Our younger generation (millennials and similar) will buy into a world of robots, drones, artificial intelligence, smart phones, 3-D printing, and decentralized communities for economic commerce and exchange.

Demonization of commerce so that PEOPLE come first is an idea which our younger generations will desire and buy into IMO. I don’t expect the OLD farts (my geriatric friends at the clubhouse) to buy into this idea. These folks are less than creative when it comes to alternatives for the future. I have already witnessed some of their negativity on this issue. But the young are the future for our planet and these folks will likely desire my volunteer society without money and the trappings of a money society. They just need to comprehend the prior history and today’s corruption.

So get this missive out to the millennial’s and those in their teens (and younger) for consideration and evaluation. The idea is to visualize a decentralized world (say like a Sweden of 10 million souls everywhere) that would experiment with this idea and sell it to the young. Being Swedish, I sense that my young friends and relatives from this country would buy into my idea after full contemplation, understanding, and review. What we need to understand is that ‘money’ is really a human ‘invention’ which has served its purpose. This idea is no longer needed for future commerce and/or economic growth for our planet.

What my Swedish friends need to comprehend is that money is merely a creation of the Riksbank in Stockholm where a few elites (hiding behind closed doors) create the Swedish krona via their computers. I doubt that this building even stores any historical gold or silver within its walls. Visualize a closing of the Riksbank (this huge building in Stockholm) and all its branches and proxy institutions and then think about a marketing plan for a new volunteer society of Swedish people. Money would be eliminated (gradually) along with the monetization of the electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies…which currently circulate this digital money (the krona). Think creatively!

Our new technologies (robots, drones, apps, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, smart phones, and computers) would be promoted as the prime tools for economic growth and for growing the Swedish society going forward. Historical monies would be eliminated gradually and completely so that this new society of volunteers could emerge. Maverick Sweden could serve as a real-time Model for this non-monetary society of volunteers and new technologies within commerce. Think about the benefits of putting people first and allowing volunteers to solve all problems of commerce.

Why allow a few elites (operating behind closed doors in Stockholm) to monitor, control, manipulate, rig, circulate, and enslave the 10 million Swedes? My mother country of Sweden could serve as a real-time MODEL for the entire planet if the young bought into this concept of demonization of the krona and the electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies (used to circulate this unit of nothing). De-krona the country and start to solve all economic problems with our new technologies along with volunteer administrators using creativity and ingenuity to grow the economy. It’s a dream that the young Swedes would buy into IMO. Just ask those who can comprehend the idea after thinking the issues through.

All debts would be eliminated from our computers, crime would diminish exponentially, crony politicians would disappear into the countryside, crony money cartels would vanish, and all poverty would be eliminated as the young learn to serve each other and grow the economic pie with our new technologies. The possibilities are unlimited for the creative thinkers. Forget the old farts who desire to maintain an entrenched system of corruption for their ego’s. Forget the power centers now working behind closed doors in Stockholm. Forget those who desire to maintain an enslavement society to further their personal ego’s. Forget those who desire to advance economically without any genuine input personally. Forget the idea of this archaic invention called MONEY and VALUE!

Sell the idea with these philosophical principles: 

  1. Money, in reality, does not EXIST anywhere. Try find it in nature! Money is merely an INVENTION of the human mind (an inner concept). It has served its purpose and is now a corruption of historical reality.
  2. The Krona was an invention of prior Swedes who understood its need (originally) to serve as a tool of VALUE (for trade). Today, trade can be accomplished without this prior human invention. The Krona is now digital/cyber/imaginary/within consciousness! It can be completely eliminated with the punch of a computer key.
  3. Economics is primarily a profession concerned with growing real tangible WEALTH. Food, clothing, shelter, and transportation are the examples of real tangible wealth. Swedish natural resources can be demonetized.
  4. The concept of ‘Value’ which is foundational to a money economy is now subjective/inner/metaphysical (and a corruption). Value does not technically EXIST outside the human mind. There is no way to fully objectify this inner concept of our consciousness. Since ‘Value’ is foundational to a money society (and now a corruption) it is the key argument for eliminating money.
  5. Volunteering to serve is a fun activity now that hard labor has been mostly eliminated in the production of tangible wealth. Robots and all the AI technologies have allowed hard labor to be mostly eliminated. Even farming is now computerized and a fun activity.
  6. Computers and electronic devices can replace the hard labor of yesteryear. Volunteers can replace the hierarchical enslavement society of today.
  7. De-krona-ization means that this digital currency is eliminated completely from circulation and the institutions of the Riksbank (and their proxies) will be closed permanently. People would come FIRST in the Swedish society of 2019 and after.

A maverick country like Sweden which prides itself in initiating new changes could serve as the MODEL for Kingdom Economics going forward. The goal is to eliminate the Krona and all money substitutes (cryptos) from circulation within the country (gradually/completely). The new economics of Sweden would be our utilization of the NEW TECHNOLOGIES (AI, etc.) along with VOLUNTEERS (young and old) to administer the system. This brief overview is what needs to be internalized by the younger Swedes. It could revolutionize the planet if implemented. Let the YOUNG over in Sweden choose their future! America might follow! I am:

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March 26th, 2018

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