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March 27, 2018 | Amazing: ‘Abundance’ Replaces Scarcity! Why? Let’s Review!

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

Our world is now flowing in ‘abundance’ of material products (just check this out at your local supermarket and then watch the above video)…and this trend is ubiquitous/everywhere…and this means that economic ‘scarcity’ is no longer our economic problem. Soon our world will have all their basic material needs met. But there is still a huge problem which we all must resolve! The problem is our entrenched money system which favors the super rich and punishes the masses of poor (the 85%).


I never dreamed that material abundance would arrive during my lifetime. But I was wrong. Robots, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, drone technology, the global internet, and automation of routine jobs has created this world of material abundance. I now see this world everywhere I go. Economics has changed. The historical reason for money and value (originally) was due to this concept called economic scarcity. Scarcity meant that material needs could not be met with the existing forms of production and labor. All this is now changing rapidly and creating a NEW AGE for the planet.


Watch this video from Singularity University, Moffett Field, California (within San Francisco area):


New technologies and our growing robotics and AI industries are creating this world of material abundance for everyone.  Our internet society is now marketing this reality to the entire planet. This means that the basics for economic survival are no longer our economic problem. Scarcity is over and abundance is here. The word is getting out gradually that economics is changing and ‘this time its different’. The single most difficult problem is now our corrupted money (banking) system which is hindering the emergence of this abundance for the planet.  View this:


The talk of a Universal Basic Income for everyone is not necessary going forward. What is really needed is the ‘demonetization’ and/or the ‘elimination’ of all money from our planet. Our new technologies and human creativity (voluntary labor) can produce ABUNDANCE for the entire planet and all the 7.5 billion global citizens. What is needed is the replacement of money (this archaic medium/now digital) with volunteers and a new mindset of utilizing these new technologies for the benefit of mankind. This must happen soon!


Why is money the problem? First of all, money is an ‘invented’ concept which we needed in a world of scarcity. Private property and labor created products which were given a ‘value’ so that these products could be exchanged (nationally and internationally). Value was a subjective concept which was objectified using silver and gold coins as the reference point for ‘value’. The American dollar (for example was defined as grains of silver and gold). This objectified money allowed for production to be exchanged nationally and internationally for the benefit of all. We now have a different situation to deal with! And this situation is unique and different!


The closing of the gold and silver windows in the 1930’s up to 1971-73 was Providential IMO.  When President Nixon closed the gold window (removing any objective reference point from the dollar) this allowed a new global fiat system to emerge. Today, we live with ‘imaginary’ fiat money (globally) which gets created ‘Out-of-Nothing’ by our Central banks and their proxies. These fiat/digital units have no ‘value’ and no ‘substance’. Money has become corrupted (since 1971) and is useless for this NEW AGE of advanced technology which has now arrived. We now need to demonetize all production (eliminate prices) and create a NEW age of volunteers for the administration of economics.


Understanding what has evolved within our world is key to future change. The YOUNG person (those 40 and under) especially needs to read this missive and all my prior missives on money and its history. The game of money is mostly OVER (as abundance has replaced scarcity). This is KEY and we all need to recognize that the historical money game is now archaic and obsolete. Abundance means material goods (our basic survival needs) can be created in nearly unlimited amounts. Food, clothing, shelter, and transportation are now being produced with robots, 3-D printing technologies, and via AI (artificial intelligence) technologies. This will grow exponentially going forward.


Autos and trucks are now nearly 100% produced with robotics and AI. Food items are mostly produced via automated robots and AI. Clothing items are mostly produced via robotics and AI. Shelter items (even houses) can now be created using robotics and new materials which allow much less labor and workers. The game of economics has changed totally and SCARCITY is no longer the problem going forward. Our problem today is the Central Banks, commercial banks, crony politicians, crony corporate cartels, and the archaic money (financial) system which is now totally dysfunctional.


It’s time to get educated on what has evolved these past 50 years. Computerization, the global internet, robotics, drones, satellite communication, artificial intelligence, smart phones, 5-G frequencies, and automated production has changed our world. We now live within a NEW AGE of possibilities never dreamed of by our ancestors. It has happened fast and furious. A world of Abundance is here for everyone. This means that Scarcity is over and a NEW AGE has arrived. Who is ultimately responsible for this? Think deeply!


Get this missive out to the young and those with a mindset of creativity. The entire economic SYSTEM must now change to accommodate that which has evolved. Thank our Creator on the Throne for all these changes. It was his Providence which created this blessing for mankind IMO. A NEW AGE is in front of us…if we start to think, change, and evolve spiritually. Watch the above video to get an overview of the change which has happened and is happening daily. The change will be exponential going forward. Enjoy! I am:

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March 27th, 2018

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