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February 26, 2018 | Trump, Trudeau, Florida School Shooting, and Dreamers

The Goddard Report

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The Goddard Report Archives February 26th, 2018

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  • Tony Veiga says:

    The Supreme Court returned a case to a district court so that it could work its’ way through the Circuit Court of Appeals before it came to the Supreme Court which is the normal course. DACANIANS have not been given permanent residence by the Supreme Court. All that went away was the March 5 deadline.

    The reason both the United States and Canada have “homeless people” is because both countries do not institutionalize crazy people, drug addicts, or alcoholics.

    The whole story has not come out about the school shooting but there is no credible evidence that there was more than one shooter, Nikolas Cruz.

    California’s Democrat Party has been taken over by very far leftist Hispanics and other minorities who did not want to endorse Feinstein, an 80 year old Jewish, Socialist woman, over a much younger, farther left Socialist, Hispanic man. Demographically, California does not resemble most of the other states.

    The Airbus flies by hand just fine for those who know how to fly without its’ auto pilot engaged. It is still flyable without its’ computers but just barely. It is flyable for around 30 minutes on battery power after complete electrical failure. It will not fly without electricity. Many pilots now do lack basic flying skills.

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