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January 14, 2018 | Money, Money, Money – Where is it?

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

The paper note (called ‘dollar’) is NOT money. What about the ‘number’ or ‘word’ printed thereon? Can anyone locate a ‘word’ within our greater universe?

Who can find this ‘thing’ called Money on planet Earth or within our greater material universe? Where is money located? What does the word ‘money refer to? Is there such a ‘thing’ as money anywhere? Look all around you and then walk outside and look within your neighborhood. Walk the streets and LOOK for this ‘thing’ called money. Where is it and what is it?

Could it be that ‘money’ is an ILLUSION of my mind? Could it be that ‘money’ is a word without a referent? Personally, I can not ‘find’ money anywhere or anyplace on our planet, above our planet, or within our greater material universe. We all clamor and claw for this ‘thing’ called money yet this ‘thing’ is nowhere. We live with an ILLUSION which works for now as our medium of exchange, unit of account, and store of value.


This ILLUSION called ‘money’ is actually located WITHIN my consciousness. It is located WITHIN my mind. But this unit of consciousness has no substance or matter attached to it. Money is a mere symbol, number, and mental abstraction. Think on this ‘word’ called DOLLAR. Where is this ‘thing’ which people call DOLLAR? Can you find it anywhere on planet Earth? I can find a paper note with the symbol (number) on the note ($1.00) but I can not find the symbol (number) anywhere. There is no substance to this word called DOLLAR.

Replace the paper note (above) with this image: $ or this Y or this E or this R

It appears to me that I live with an ILLUSION and that I am DELUDED as to the nature of this unit called DOLLAR. This unit is nowhere (no place) and it has zero substance as a ‘thing’. Should I think of this unit as a ‘thing’ (matter) when it is no-where/any-where? Bankers create this unit from their thinking. Bankers just think up ‘numbers’ and then ‘type’ these digits into cyberspace (the computer screen). Where do these bankers get their MONEY? Do they have a place within their BANK with stored units (money)? Think on this! Where do our bankers get this unit called the ‘dollar’, euro, yen, pound, krona, ruble, frank, dong, peso, shekels, yuan, etc.?


ECB president Mario Draghi said that the “bulk” of the ECB’s plans on QE will be decided in October 2018

I think we are ALL living at ILLUSION within our inner self (called our consciousness). We are mostly DELUDED as to the ‘nature’ of money units. Where did Mario Draghi get some 5 trillion euros to flood Europe with money (since 2012)? We think these units EXIST. We assume these units are located within a BANK facility (these huge concrete/glass buildings). Yet, in reality these huge bank buildings have ZERO money units. All is now stored in cyberspace and new units derive merely from thinking up new NUMBERS (via the mind). What a JOKE on mankind. What a DECEPTION. What an ILLUSION. Our money is ‘nothing’ and ‘nowhere’!

The game of money (today) is a total ILLUSION and FANTASY and it has worked because people refuse to think critically on this issue. Also, our criminal elites who run the corrupt system HIDE behind closed doors to restrict any LIGHT or transparency on their operations. Our DEEP STATE criminal system HIDES and deceives the gullible public about the ‘nature’ of money, credit, numbers, symbols, words, cyberspace, and the inner realities. We are living an ILLUSION and a FANTASY and the few who control our system benefit from our gullibility. Is it time to wake-up and challenge the SYSTEM?


Who could be the ultimate SOURCE of this ‘word’ (illusion) called MONEY? 

Religion is not exempt from the corruptions of the money game!

The luxury of those who control money and spending is interesting and instructive!

Is it now time to get some transparency on this GAME called MONEY? It’s a game that is PLAYED by select elites BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Today, the game is played with computers and typing of digits into a computer screen (cyberspace). It’s totally corrupt and favors a few who desire to CONTROL the planet and all the people. As scripture implies: the root of most evil is this word called MONEY. Few comprehend this GAME of our criminal cartel who now run the show. Is it time to THINK for yourself on these issues? Read the above over and over. Think and then act (locally). I am:

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January 14th, 2018

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