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January 3, 2018 | Trump, Hillary, Weiner, Soros, Assange, and the Swamp

The Goddard Report

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The Goddard Report Archives January 3rd, 2018

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  • Tony Veiga says:

    I have followed Attorney General Sessions for years. He often was one of the few sane voices in the US Senate. He is, in my opinion, a smart, honest and honorable man who fully realizes that the area inside the DC beltway is a sewer, not a swamp. He also is methodical. I believe that Michael unfortunately is buying into the meme that he terribly erred by recusing himself from the Trump/Russian collusion investigation. He did that, I am sure, to avoid any appearance of impropriety which will, in the end, be proved the wise and correct decision. His stance regarding federal primacy in regulating marijuana may also be impairing Michael’s thinking on Jeff Sessions.

    Before the dope heads go off the deep end regarding the efficacy of dope they may wish to remember that dopes take their name from dope. Or is it the other way around? Either way, I believe you get my drift. I find it hard to believe that marijuana enhances intelligence when just about everyone I ever have met who uses it, even casually, is a dope who does not know how to think clearly and lucidly about most things. Starting with the science, the active ingredients in marijuana are fat soluble which means that they remain in the body (brain) long after use. In every scientific study that I have read, use of marijuana impairs brain function in performing mental and physical tasks. And the frequency and longevity of use impact those functions more negatively. I suppose the best way to state the case concerning pot and dope heads is to ask “Would you want your daughter to marry one?”.

  • Elmer Sather says:

    I can see believing someone between 40 and 65 years old trying control the worlds banking system among other things but not someone like George Soros who is 87 years old.

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