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December 5, 2017 | Why Does Trudeau Hate Wounded War Vets?

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The Goddard Report Archives December 5th, 2017

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  • Avatar Tony Veiga says:

    Spencer appears too young to have acquired so much wisdom.

    The US tax reform bill now being reconciled and written by a conference committee of the House and Senate is a farce. In essence, it is rearranging the deck chairs to satisfy the preferences of various constituencies. All sides will present experts to argue their points. The winning side now is saying that we need lower taxes to stimulate the economy and create jobs. That argument is preposterous. There are so many factors involved in the economy that even getting half the effects of any particular action correct probably is not possible even with the biggest, most sophisticated computers. The calculus involved in being able to predict that does not exist. It is beyond solving or predicting. The only thing the experts know is that they really don’t know.

    Contrary to your headline, I don’t believe your PM hates wounded vets. He just seems to have other priorities. He is, after all, both an entertainer and a politician; groups composed generally of people, I believe, with personality disorders. You could throw the current crop of reporters in there as well. They all seem to have an outsized requirement for validation of their looks, ability, goodness, etc., etc.. I could mention the comment by Oscar Levant, the well known song writer, musician, sometime actor and wag from the ‘40s and ‘50s, concerning male ballet dancers but I’ll defer that for now. Just remember that you elected him.

  • Avatar Elmer Sather says:

    Fifty-four Canadian women are getting veterans’ survivor benefits linked to their husbands’ First World War service, Global News has learned.
    In all cases, the payments were being made to widows because their husbands had disabilities linked to the war.

    The widows’ average age is 92, Veterans Affairs Canada spokesperson Alexandre Bellemare wrote in an e-mail. On average, they are being paid $2,021.80 a month.

    So as the hundredth anniversaries of First World War battles come and go, the federal government is still paying about $110,000 a month to widows of men wounded in them.

    Eleven live in Ontario, 12 in British Columbia, and 11 outside Canada, Bellemare said. In smaller numbers, some live in all provinces but Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador.

    The data was released Wednesday in response to a question from Global News.

    The couples must have had a substantial age difference. Someone in her early 90s now would have been born in the mid-1920s, while an 18-year-soldier wounded toward the end of the war, in 1918, would have been born in about 1900

    Disabled veterans are paid according to the severity of the disability, expressed as a percentage. A widow of a disabled First World War veteran would be paid her husband’s full disability pension if her husband’s disability was rated over 48 per cent, and half if it was rated between 5 per cent and 48 per cent.

  • Avatar Elmer Sather says:

    The fact that Canada covers Universal Health Care costs and not Canadian Companies gives them a cost advantage over American Companies.

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