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November 25, 2017 | Why Roy Moore Will Be The Next Senator From Alabama

James Quinn has held financial positions with a retailer, homebuilder and university in his 30 year career. Those positions included treasurer, controller, and head of strategic planning. He earned a BS in accounting from Drexel University and an MBA from Villanova University. He is a certified public accountant and a certified cash manager.
I believe the women. I think he should step aside.”Mitch McConnell
“These allegations are credible. He should step aside.”Paul Ryan

I don’t know whether Judge Roy Moore cruised around malls 40 years ago looking for teenage girls. He might be a pedophile, or the women stepping forward decades after the alleged incidents might be lying. To quote a famous scandal ridden establishment politician, “At this point what difference does it make”. He will win the run-off election for Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat on December 12. He will win because we are in the midst of a Fourth Turning, where the mood of the populace has shifted strongly against the status quo/establishment.

This mood shift has been so strong Donald Trump’s endorsement of establishment hack and Mitch McConnell acolyte Luther Strange over Moore during the primary meant absolutely nothing. Moore won in a landslide. Moore is Alabama’s version of candidate Trump (as opposed to president Trump). He says outrageous things. He tells his opposition to f**k off. He brandishes handguns during campaign speeches. He lost his Chief Justice-ship because he refused to remove the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court building. He was suspended for directing judges to continue to enforce the ban on same sex marriages after the ban had been deemed unconstitutional.

Roy Moore is a lightning rod of controversy and is despised by the liberal media, social justice warriors, the ACLU, left wing Democrats, Hollywood elites, non-Christians and the GOP establishment. He’s a rogue and considered uncontrollable by those running the show in Washington DC. Was it really a surprise these forces would conspire to destroy his candidacy a few weeks before the election? The Jeff Bezos Washington Post goes on a witch hunt to Alabama and seeks out and convinces women to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct four decades after it supposedly happened. Sure is reminiscent of the pussy grabbing audio used against Trump on the verge of the presidential election. The establishment playbook remains the same.

The moment the allegations emerged from left wing extremist Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, the outcry for Moore to step aside was deafening from faux journalists on MSNBC, CNN, and virtually every corporate mainstream media outlet. The weak kneed GOP establishment politicians threw Moore under the bus immediately. Even Trump appeared to bail on supporting the Republican nominee who might be the deciding vote on his tax bill and Obamacare repeal. The wave of fake outrage coming from the halls of power in D.C. and NYC was amusing to observe. They were sure they could bully Moore into pulling out. They were badly mistaken.

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The establishment propaganda machine went into overdrive, with new breaking polls showing Moore trailing his Democrat opponent by double digits. We all know how accurate establishment polls are, with Hillary having a 98% chance of winning the presidency according to these same pollsters. Then that parasite media whore disguised as a lawyer, Gloria Allred, stepped forth with her client’s yearbook as proof Moore was a pedophile. It took critical thinking people about three minutes to prove Moore’s signature was a blatant forgery. That was the last hurrah for the establishment effort to get rid of Moore.

He is now running against the despised mainstream media, the despised GOP establishment, the anti-Christian forces in Hollywood, the left wingers in D.C., and his feckless liberal Democrat opponent. Polls being conducted honestly by local Alabama pollsters are now showing Moore up by 6%. You can be sure the same silent majority who elected Trump are present in Alabama too. Moore will win the election easily in three weeks unless some absolute proof of his guilt is presented.

I’m sure he’s going to win based upon the resignation I’m seeing in the faces of the establishment hacks blabbering on the mainstream media propaganda outlets. When they speak about the Alabama election they can barely hide their contempt for the citizens of Alabama. The elitist pundits and politicians believe the deplorable people of Alabama are hicks, rednecks, racists, and shouldn’t  be allowed to vote for Moore. The people of Alabama know exactly how these elitists feel. That’s why they are going to stick it to the establishment once again. Trump seemed to get the message this week and is halfheartedly giving his support to Moore.

There is a great divide in this country that cannot be bridged at this juncture in the Fourth Turning. The animosity between left and right, Christian and Muslim, establishment and upstarts, .01% and working class, neocons and non-interventionists, mainstream corporate media and truth telling bloggers, mega-corporations and workers, bankers and peasants, is growing by the second and will boil over when the financial system cracks for the third time in the last seventeen years.

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The glorification of the military has grown to new heights in the last year as the Deep State pays major league sports teams to honor and pay tribute to war mongering. There isn’t a country on earth who is truly a threat to our peace and well being, but we spend a trillion dollars per year sowing discontent and chaos around the globe so we can keep our troops and navies occupied killing and bombing people as the profits flow to the military industrial complex. The soldiers being glorified on the local news, on TV dramas, movies, in feel good mainstream media stories, and at local sporting events are nothing but dupes and cannon fodder for the Deep State.

We are being played by the Deep State oligarchs as their raping and pillaging financial scheme reaches its limits and they attempt to convince us going to war against Iran, North Korea, Russia, or China is absolutely necessary to maintain our democracy and liberty. It’s nothing but bullshit. And a growing number of critical thinking people know its bullshit. We will not be sold another false bill of goods. The fetid pustules disguised as the leadership of this country can’t fool us again.

There will be no bank bailouts this time. There will be no $800 billion pork laden “stimulus plans”. The Federal Reserve will not get away with dropping dollars from helicopters on Wall Street while screwing old ladies on Main Street. They will not convince me Russian, Chinese, Iranian or North Korean people are my enemy. Their next war will be a civil war if they attempt to enlist my boys as cannon fodder for their globalization empire plans.

The mood has turned dark. The ignorant masses can beat the shit out of each other for 52 inch HDTVs at Wal-Mart, but the critical thinking minority will no longer play their game. Moore will win the Alabama Senate seat and the existing establishment will continue to lose. The existing social order will be swept away before this Fourth Turning climaxes. Whether Trump has the guts to keep fighting the establishment is yet to be seen. He has reneged on so many of his campaign promises and surrounded himself with so many establishment hacks, it will be a difficult road to navigate. If he sides with the establishment, he will be swept aside too. Once a Fourth Turning regeneracy gets underway, nothing can stop it.

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November 25th, 2017

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