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November 6, 2017 | Hillary Files, JFK Files, Paradise Papers, Trump, and Trudeau

The Goddard Report

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  • Michael Rivero – Texas, Las Vegas, New York, Hollywood and the Patriot Act

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The Goddard Report Archives November 6th, 2017

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  • Tony Veiga says:

    I believe that in the current understanding, terrorism is an act of violence against the state and/or the culture based on political motives while murder is an act of violence against an individual or group of individuals based on personal motives. While the distinction can be nuanced, it easily should be determined by most. It is like, as once said by a US Supreme Court justice concerning pornography, “I’ll know it when I see it.”. The distinction between the New York and Texas attacks appears to be readily apparent.

    In my opinion, Jeff Sessions is one of the most honorable men, if not the most honorable man, in Washington. He also is one of the smartest. And wisest. In all likelihood he recused himself from the election controversy investigations because he knew that, in the long run, any decisions by the Justice Department in which he had a part would only lead to further investigation and political difficulty for the President. The difficulty would be magnified by a hostile Main Stream Media which, to any unbiased observer, is totally in the tank for the Democrat Party and its’ now crystal clear agenda of Socialism, authoritarianism, and income/wealth redistribution. Similar to Canada don’t you think? The President is frustrated by the inability of Republicans to pass his agenda and he has taken out that frustration on the Attornet General and others. I believe he sorely will regret attacking the Attorney General and, if he has not done so already, will tell the Attorney General that he regrets his impulsive response to the recusal and will offer his deepest and most sincere apology.

    Unfortunately, the SS, KGB, GRU, MI-5 and MI-6, and CIA have resorted to actions which were reprehensible, despicable, immoral and, in some cases, criminal. Many also were stupid. Some of the acts committed by these agencies were fictionalized by Ian Fleming (an Intelligence Officer in the Royal Navy during WWII) and other writers in the aftermath of the shooting war during the Cold War. Some people in those intelligence agencies have committed acts similar to the acts chronicled by Fleming and others. I would venture to wager that the ideas which precipitated those actions were conceived by people whose most dangerous activity, EVER, was playing handball. Those acts have been discovered and revealed which provides ammunition and lends credence to those proposing the most outrageous theories of events. While almost anything is possible, the contention that CIA was involved in the assassination of JFK is fantastical. The theories are entertaining though.

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