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November 16, 2017 | Four Unelected ‘Criminals’ Meet in Frankfurt!

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Today’s Wall Street Journal article, page A7, was entitled “Central Bankers Defend Stimulus”. Their meeting was in Frankfurt, Germany, November 13-14, 2017. This meeting of our Central Bankers reveals who rules over our planet financially.  The above four unelected financial tycoons should be viewed as financial criminals if one understands what is happening! Why?

  1. They have created ‘trillions’ of currency units (now digital units) from their thinking mind to distort, manipulate, and corrupt all our financial markets. Are you aware that digital financial units are ‘inner’ units (derived from the human mind)?
  2. They report to no-one as they operate independently from our elected system of governance. Who has voted for these tycoons? Independence is their mantra so they can rule without voter oversight.
  3. They are protected by security forces and military might so that none can interfere with their decisions to rule. Who is aware of what these four can create so as to distort, manipulate, and corrupt all our global electronic markets.
  4. Their core means to distort markets is criminal as they now use ‘digital’ money (created from their thinking) to fund a cyber computer system of finance. Digital currencies do not exist (physically) but get created from the consciousness of these unelected individuals. We do not use gold or silver (physical money) as our unit of value today!
  5. Since the financial crisis of 2008 the digital dollar, digital euro, digital pound, and digital yen have been used to manipulate prices, increase liquidity for select operatives, and distort price discovery for most assets classes globally. Today, our markets are nearly all digital/electronic and cyberspace (this netherworld of metaphysics) rules over global finance. What is cyberspace?
  6. Central Bank balance sheets have skyrocketed (since 2008) as these four criminals (plus others) have independently increased digital money (in the trillions) to paper-over this corrupt global financial system.
  7. A new study by Credit Suisse reveals that there are now 15 million U.S. based millionaires as of 2017 (up 1.1 million in just the past 12 months). Digital money is flowing to select elites to cover-up the underlying corruption within all our markets. The entire system is going digital and inner going forward. This should be called the ‘mark of the beast’ financial system!

What we need to realize is that just a few ‘dark’ state forces ruling over planet Earth and our global monetary system control us all. The above four are primary as they have attained their authority without any input from the voting public and they can operate ‘independently’ behind closed doors to create their vision of utopia (against the will of the masses).

In reality, their vision will eventually lead to ‘dystopia’ as the system is now so corrupt and distorted that it will eventually crash/collapse from internal malformations. Our debt is part of the issue. Our imaginary digital money is part of the issue. Hierarchical rulership is part of the issue. Malinvestments are part of the issue. Lack of consistent price discovery is part of the issue. And much more!

Yes, we now live with hierarchical control over all our global financial markets and the above four are mostly at the core of our problems. Will they recognize their situation and step down from power? This is unlikely as they desire the accoutrements of their power and control system. They are not being noticed (by the masses) as corrupt as they hide behind closed doors and a corrupt media which refuses to expose their gimmickry.

One philosopher/economist who has recognized the nature of Central Bank operatives and tried to expose these criminals was Murray Rothbard. You can get a general overview by listening to this video on our Federal Reserve Banking System. Listen and learn as the issue is crucial going forward: Take a few moments to gain understanding of this important issue. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. the above video reveals the history and the corruptions within our banking system! Everyone should watch and learn:

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November 16th, 2017

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