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November 30, 2017 | Black Friday, Sex, Hillary, and UraniumGate

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The Goddard Report Archives November 30th, 2017

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  • Tony Veiga says:

    The US Navy has been under the gun since the Tailhook scandal of 1991. That “scandal” was a farce and ruined the careers of officers, some of the finest men I have known, who were not within miles of the hotel at the time of the alleged incidents. Unlike this scandal in which it appears real crimes were committed, the Tailhook scandal investigation was in reality a political inquisition initiated by Colorado Representative Patricia Schroeder and other Feminists, both female and male, in the US Congress and the media. I have spoken to some of the men interrogated by the NCIS. The questioning lasted for hours in some cases and some of those men, decorated combat pilot warriors, said that they were close to tears after being badgered and humiliated by personal questions which had nothing to do with the alleged incidents. Like this scandal, the incident took on a life of its’ own and was susceptible to hysteria and exaggerated descriptions in the reporting.

    I read the story in the “Washington Post” from which, I assume, Michael got the 60 Admiral number. I saw the name of one Admiral who had been found guilty of making false statements to investigators. That is a process crime which prosecutors use when they don’t have evidence of the crime they suspect one of having committed. They use inconsistent statements from different interviews taken days, weeks or months apart and use that as a basis for a charge. That is why one never should talk to an investigator without their lawyer present. The other Admirals whose names I saw either have not been tried and who have pleaded not guilty, or were Admirals who were not charged and who received disciplinary action from the Navy for accepting extravagant dinners from Fat Leonard or his company’s representatives. I also know some of those men and they are men of ability, integrity, honesty and loyalty who admirably have served the Navy and their country. While real crimes were committed let’s not try to sensationalize the matter by implying that senior Navy officers are criminals because they accepted a steak dinner from a supplier.

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