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October 27, 2017 | Who will Trump Appoint as our Next Fed Chairperson?

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After listening to an interview of our President on Fox Business today, I can discern that Janet Yellen will not be reappointed as our next Fed Chairperson. At least this seems unlikely! His choice will be announced in a few days and it likely will be Kevin Warsh or John Taylor. Donald revealed that his choice will not be a surprise as he has three potential candidates that he likes (all of which have been in the news).

It is obvious that Donald thinks his image and policies have created the great stock market which continues to go up and up daily. The five trillion of gains since his election he assumes is mostly his doings. He wants to continue this trend and his choice will most likely be one with an EASY money policy and one who espouses LOW interest rates and more bubbles in our stock markets.

I find all this interesting and rather comical. In reality, the Donald has had minimal impact on these bubble markets and his choice for the next Fed Chairperson is unlikely to help with continuation of these bubbles. The markets will correct soon and all this happens more due to cycles than governmental policies. One hundred two months (102) of UP means a correction must happen soon. But it is interesting to witness his change of perception and understanding now that he has become our President.

During his campaign period, the Donald was very critical of Janet Yellen and her policies. He labeled her ‘very political’. He also assumed that our bubble markets needed a serious correction. Now that he is President he gives Yellen ‘flowers and kisses’ on her policies and many are wanting him to reappoint her for another term. Will he? I don’t think so! I think he wants someone who will do his bidding and this could be KEVIN WARSH. Let’s see what happens in a few days!

I am speculating based on my perception of his demeanor while talking to Lou Dobbs, Fox Business. I am:

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October 27th, 2017

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