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October 8, 2017 | Thankfully

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Since it’s Thanksgiving, I can’t blog. My wife (whom I’m thankful for) says there are limits. This is one of them. No blogging on turkey weekend, she said.

Naturally, I acquiesced. My being an awesome spouse has allowed this ride to go on for a dog’s age. Actually about six or seven dogs now. More to come, I hope. However, if I were allowed to write a few words today they’d mark things worth thanks.

On Friday, for example, I was thankful for Wayne Long, the rebel maritimer MP who defied his boss, T2, and tried to give small business guys more time to make their case for not being taxed into the dirt. Good egg, that Wayne. But he’s going down, of course.

Freedom, which is what the doomed MP was trying to achieve, should always make us thankful. As much as we moan and bitch about unfulfilled expectations, the country is one of the freest on the planet. The more entitled you feel, the less you understand that. Totally your loss.

Be thankful for animals, and sad that we’ve apparently lost half of them in the six decades of my life. I picked dogs as the symbol of this pathetic blog. In a world chock full of volatility, fake news, mistrust and confusion, they embody good. Dogs don’t envy, cheat, hoard, boast, bully or mislead. If they falter, the problem can be fixed with a liver treat. Try that with your boss.

Money, wealth, income, financial security and a house your sister desperately hates you for are all goals and if you’ve achieved them, give thanks. Most people never will, so congrats. But they are not the point of existing, and nobody will remember you because of them. Try to imagine what you’d like your tombstone to say. Or that final Facebook post. Or, simply (to quote a cliché), be the person your dog thinks you are. He doesn’t care about your damn Porsche.

Be thankful for family (even the ones in the basement) plus, of course, health. Whatever the state of your body, it could be worse. So lighten up. Friends are important, especially those you can learn from or count on. It’s said that if you can go through life and have one good friend for most of the journey, you’re blessed. Maybe, like me, you married her.

Anyway, if Dorothy were to let me write anything today I’d say the greatest gift for which thanks are truly due is time. Money, real estate, stuff in general, can be bought, earned, borrowed or stolen, but you’ll never get an extra hour. This is lost on the young, obvious to the old. Waste almost anything else in your life with impunity. Not this.

Thanks for reading.

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October 8th, 2017

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