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September 11, 2017 | Hurricanes, Natural Disasters, Trump, Bannon, and Democrats

The Goddard Report

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The Goddard Report Archives September 11th, 2017

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  • Tony Veiga says:

    Jacksonville is known as the “River City” because it sits at the mouth of the St John’s river, about 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It should be renamed Duval and be called the “River County” because the entire county was incorporated into a unified government years ago so that it could claim bragging rights as being the largest city (in land area) in the state. The city is not flooded. The flooding is primarily the result of several days of heavy thunderstorms and heavy rain from a Nor’easter for the three days before the hurricane approached and primarily is confined to the downtown area and is not that unusual. Hurricanes, like Canadian snowstorms, can be trying but the entire event has been over hyped by the politicians and the press. As an example, if you noticed, the sustained winds after the storm left the Keys continuously was reported as 130 MPH. Perhaps that is because that made Irma a Cat 4 instead of a Cat 3 which is 129 MPH.

    The airlines were not price gouging. The prices charged were standard for a reservation made at the last minute within a few days of travel. Our Attorney General, Pam Bondi, said during a press conference that she would investigate reports of vendors refusing to sell cases of 24 bottles of water for five dollars or less and instead were selling the bottles individually for a dollar to a dollar and fifty cents. She said something to the effect that ‘Sure, we all have paid two or three dollars for a bottle of water at the airport or somewhere but selling water by the individual bottle instead of by the case was morally wrong if not illegal.’. She must not get math. Perhaps when she is done with this case she can find out why I have to pay four bucks for a Coke at a Jacksonville Jaguars game.

    Try really thinking about the Governor’s order for the entire state to evacuate. I have and I think that order was crazy. I used to like Rick Scott but I would not vote for him for dog catcher much less the US Senate which is his planned next stop after being term limited out of the Governor’s Mansion.

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