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June 7, 2017 | What is Money? Part V (my challenge to pundits)!

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

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For today, let’s talk about this concept called ‘value’. What is ‘value’ and where did this idea come from? Money was originally ‘invented’ because of this inner concept called ‘value’. If it wasn’t for this concept (‘value’) there would be no need for money. Value comes first and then we invent this proxy (for ‘value’) called money. So let’s see if we can understand and comprehend this concept called ‘value’ (and ‘value’ in exchange). Why do we have this concept in the first place. Does this word describe a ‘thing’ which exists or is it merely a ‘unit’ of my/your consciousness (imaginary)? The word ‘exist’ means that it is a permanent ‘thing’ within our space/time universe! Atoms and sub-atomic particles exist. Cells and proteins exist. But does a unit of consciousness (value) exist?

Karl Marx wanted to get rid of ‘private property’. Karl recognized that it was ‘private property’ which created this word called ‘value’ (and ‘value in exchange’). If governments could/would eliminate ‘private property’ then the idea of ‘value’ would disappear and the State could distribute all production directly from a central warehouse. Karl desired communal living where the State owned all private property and all that we produce from private property. This created his concept called Communism, central planning, and a world where I receive according to my ‘needs’ and give according to my ‘abilities’ (talents). Utopia would result…in his view of reality! His core system and philosophy was tried in Russia and also China!

Today, our United Nations is promoting an agenda called Agenda 2030. This agenda (now official) is formulated on the idea of a centrally planned society where select elites would rule over our planet and all the 7.4 billion people. This Agenda (or N.W.O.) is a type of Communism and the goal of these elites is to create Utopia on planet earth by 2030. If this were to occur then this concept called ‘value’ would disappear from my/your consciousness and the concept of ‘money’ would also disappear. All goods and production would be controlled and distributed by a rule based central planning group to assure that everyone is equal and that the State is King. Is this what you desire? The important concept of ‘value’ is key to all the above philosophy!

When our Pilgrims came to America and formulated their first community at Plymouth Rock they started with a centrally planned concept for economics. They tried to get their people (very religious people) to buy into this central planning idea (Communism). It worked for a few weeks and months and then everyone stopped agreeing to the plan and starvation developed within the community. Soon the elites who controlled the Plymouth Rock community recognized that central planning and a central warehouse concept did not work. People had no incentive to produce to the maximum and this created lack, alienation, and starvation. So what did the elites create to replace this communal lifestyle? Think…Capitalism!

What they created is this concept of ‘private property’ and the idea that the rewards of production (from private property) would go directly to the land owner. As production started to increase a marketplace for exchange developed. Producers could exchange their production for a competitor’s production. This created this problem called ‘value in exchange’. Just what is the ‘value’ of various units (goods) of production being exchanged. If I produced corn and you raised cattle, how would we exchange value for value between us. In time this led to the idea that we need some proxy for this inner concept called ‘value in exchange’ (value). This produced the idea that money should be invented. What could serve as a proxy for value and be called money? We needed some ‘thing’ viewed as having ‘intrinsic’ value!

In a short time producers and consumers came up with the idea of a money item to serve as this proxy for ‘value’. If we had a money item (say ounces of silver or similar) then we could use this item (a one ounce silver coin) as our proxy for ‘value’. We could assume that silver had ‘intrinsic’ worth and that units of silver (say coins/ounces of Ag) could be used to ‘value’ and/or ‘price’ goods of production. If silver had intrinsic ‘value’ (our assumption) and if everyone agreed, then valuation of goods and production could be accomplished in terms of this money item. If one ounce of silver equaled (say) a bushel of wheat, a live chicken, and five pounds of sugar, then we could ‘value’ other items with our newly invented money.

Silver coins (defined by an official authority) could become money and serve as our tool for valuation and price discovery in a real-time marketplace. The key is to agree on some item and then to officially define this item so valuation and measurement of value could be accomplished. All this happened in America after our Revolutionary War and with our newly formed Constitution. Money (silver coins) called ‘dollars’ were invented and then minted. All this made valuation and/or price discovery possible within our real-time markets. What a great invention. The problem of barter (with no objective way to value items) was solved with this invention of money and its official definition (of value).

If you read my prior missives on money you can discern other nuances which a money system creates. But the whole operation/game of money starts with this idea called ‘private property’, individual ownership of production on private property, and then exchange of ‘value’ within a general real-time marketplace. Value becomes objectified by inventing some item to serve as money (which is perceived as having intrinsic value). Money solves this inner concept called ‘value’ and this leads to objective ‘prices’ being created by people within a marketplace. Valuation is calculated with money and/or money substitutes which people consider valid for price discovery. The result is mostly stable prices over time as money is limited and controlled by nature!

Today, we have NO real money as our proxy for ‘value’. What we use today is a corrupted currency unit called the dollar (with NO tie to anything of ‘value’). We have invented a ‘virtual’ currency unit (which lives in our consciousness) and which has validity only as an ‘accounting unit’ but which has NO real ‘value’ as originally conceived per our history. Today, we create ‘prices’ for goods of production (in terms of an accounting unit) but these goods are not ‘valued’ per any official value definition. Price discovery is a distortion monitored and controlled by our private Central Banks. The system today is basically illegal and unconstitutional when we apply the logic of history to our current system.

Virtual money ($1.00) derives from our consciousness (our banksters inner self) and valuation derives from a subjective currency item (a cyber digit) which lives within cyberspace (our extended consciousness). This allows us to create ‘prices’ for an item of production but no real ‘value’ for the item. Value derives from choosing some real money item from nature (like a silver coin) and then comparing relative ‘values’ between items using an official definition (say 371.25 grains of silver = $1.00). Value and Price are not the same when we think of how the game originated. Anyway, where is all this leading going forward?

It is leading to a price collapse within our corrupted index markets (at some point). This price collapse will likely start in real estate or maybe our stock markets and then create a landslide domino effect over short periods of time…affecting all global markets. Our Ponzi money system (now a speed of light computer system) is unsound and based mostly on illusions within our minds. To comprehend all this we need to understand our history and how value and money originated in the first place. Read this missive over a few times to digest the key concepts. Thinking is not easy and those who refuse to THINK will suffer the consequences as we move forward. Enjoy this day! I am:

Some additional images to consider:

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Private property created this concept called ‘value in exchange’ and then its proxy called ‘money’!

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The concept of a communal society without value and money was proposed by economist/philosopher, Karl Marx!

Image result for agenda 2030 is a form of karl marx communism

Big promoters of a N.W.O. under the rulership of select elites is now in progress globally!

Image result for Agenda 2030 official as of jan. 1, 2016

Our global Pope, Francis, is a big supporter of Agenda 2030 and a new world order under the elites!

Image result for agenda 2030 is a form of karl marx communism

This centrally planned agenda was adopted by the U.N. in 2015 and became official policy in 2016!

Image result for agenda 2030 is a form of karl marx communism

A cyber world of digits is gradually replacing all historical paper and metal monies!

Image result for Agenda 2030 official as of jan. 1, 2016

Can anyone stop the New World Order agenda for our planet? Is it possible?

Image result for Agenda 2030 official as of jan. 1, 2016

Globalization is already here and our planet is now totally interconnected and wired!

Image result for Agenda 2030 official as of jan. 1, 2016

The official Agenda 2030 is rapidly becoming reality all over our planet. Who can change this plan for human enslavement?

Image result for Agenda 2030 official as of jan. 1, 2016

Can the Donald change what is now in motion and becoming global? Or must he bow to the Deep State and their Agenda?

Image result for Agenda 2030 official as of jan. 1, 2016

Global central planning (a form of Communism) is emerging as our current system of corrupted Capitalism collapses. It all has to do (mostly) with our MONEY, this concept called ‘private property’, and this concept called ‘value’. What our elites don’t recognize, however, is that Providence governs planet earth and Providence will likely create our new world order (not our elites and their power brokers). 

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June 7th, 2017

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