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May 27, 2017 | Money, Money, Money – What the Heck is Money?

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

Today, I went outdoors and looked all over for this ‘thing’ called Money. I looked up in the sky and found no Money. I looked at nature and found no Money. I looked at all the mountains around my venue which contain minerals, elements, and natural objects but found no Money. Under the earth and under the water bodies I discover no Money. So what and where is this ‘thing’ called Money. I have been teaching about this concept for nearly 50 years and find that few have any idea about understanding this concept called Money.

Today, I talked to a 75-year-old businessman at the clubhouse. I asked him if he knew where his savings were stored. He responded that he had an advisory firm in Montana which invests his money and he is confident that all is well with his investments. I asked him if he could define this word called ‘money’. He looked at me with confusion and emoted that he had no idea how to define ‘money’. I asked him if the ‘cyber’ digits in his advisory firms computer account (his supposed ‘money’) actually existed as a ‘thing’ for him to own and possess. In other words, what are these cyber money units in his accounts? Again, he could not respond with any understanding.

This concept called Money appears to be a confusing concept for educated, intelligent, business people to comprehend. My teaching about this concept starts with the statement that we really have No such ‘thing’ as Money within our observable universe. There is no ‘thing’ in nature which the word ‘money’ automatically denotes or refers to. So how does this concept become so significant and important for our survival? Is money ‘invented’ from the mind? Is ‘money’ a word that is concocted from our relationships with other people? Just what the heck is this ‘thing’ called Money?

What we need to realize are some basics from our history. When the pilgrims landed on the soil of America in 1620, there was no official ‘money’ anywhere. People just claimed their survival needs from the soil and from nature. As time progressed, however, people claimed private property for themselves and others did likewise. This led to production on this private property and then a desire to ‘exchange’ this production for other production. This led to a marketplace for exchange and this concept called ‘value’ emerged from the thinkers in this marketplace. Just what is this concept called ‘value’?

This mental/subjective concept called ‘value’ created negotiations between counterparties and led to this idea that some ‘thing’ needs to serves as a proxy for this subjective concept called ‘value’. Various ‘things’ that were being traded between counterparites led to various ‘things’ being proposed as proxies for this concept called ‘value’. In time, this led to select ‘things’ like tobacco, sugar, beads, food items (as proxies for ‘value’) and eventually such items as silver coins and such as the best proxy. Money was ‘invented’ as a result of this process . People concocted a ‘thing’ which others accepted and this concept called Money emerged spontaneously. The ‘word’ money just emerged from people’s thought process and it became our proxy for ‘value’!

America gradually experimented with all kinds of ‘money’ items prior to establishing a formal mathematical system of logic for their ‘value’ exchanges. All this emerged gradually and it was primarily this person called Thomas Jefferson who formalized a mathematical logic for America’s money system. Thomas observed the actions of people within the colonial marketplace and noticed that people generally liked silver coins as items for their proxies of ‘value’ when making their exchanges. The Spanish silver coin called the Piece of Eight or the silver Peso was selected as the best proxy for people’s view of ‘value’. This ‘thing’ then became what we today call ‘money’!

After assaying this coin and discovering its silver content Thomas used this coin as the reference point for creating our American currency unit called the ‘dollar’. Congress then approved his math and logic and in 1792 the Coinage Act formalized the American dollar as 371.25 grains of silver (our proxy for this subjective concept called ‘value’). Americans could now exchange ‘value’ for ‘value’ in the marketplace and use this ‘thing’ called the American dollar as the tool for measuring ‘value’. Money had emerged from the thinking mind of Thomas Jefferson and others who accepted his math/logic and observations. Money had been ‘invented’ or concocted for our economy.

Since 1792 this concept called ‘money’ has changed and evolved. Since the foundation of all money is this subjective concept called ‘value’ and since this concept can not be fully objectified money evolves and morphs with new thinking about this concept. Value (this concept) is foundational to all money economies and today we think of ‘value’ as a concept based upon ‘faith’ and ‘trust’ in our governmental administrators (who create and administer our ‘money’). Value now derives from our Central Banks and our Political Institutions which administer all our survival needs. The proxy for ‘value’ has changed (since our founding) from some ‘thing’ which we invent in a marketplace (say tobacco, silver, or a paper note) to a ‘virtual’ image ($) which we witness as a number ($1) in our computer screens.

Since the invention of the computer, our system of ‘value’ relationships (and its proxy…money) have changed and we now have given over our faith in ‘value’ relationships to our Central Banks. Our government has delegated their obligation to coin money and regulate the ‘value’ thereof to our Central Bank (called the Federal Reserve) and most all governments on our planet have done likewise. Today, Central Banks administer ‘value’ relationships (trading, money transactions, and FX exchanges) and they use imaginary numbers (digits in the computer screen) as the math and algorithmic logic for settling ‘value’ exchanges between counterparties.

The concept of ‘money’ is now an inner concept of our mind (similar to this concept called ‘value’) and all ‘value’ relationships are now measured with a subjective unit living in cyberspace (a non-thing). Money has evolved from a ‘thing’ from nature to a ‘non-thing’ within our subjective consciousness. Few of my students and blog readers can discern what has happened these past 40 or so years. Money has become a ‘tool’ for mental control over the people by our Central Bank administrators and their political lackeys. We now use passwords and usernames to merely trade within our global markets. Numbers and cyber symbols ($) have replaced physical ‘things’ as our money. The proxy for ‘value’ is now a metaphysical image ($).

So what the heck is money today? Money today has evolved into a tool of our Central Banks for enslaving all mankind to a set of rules and mandates. Imaginary numbers (of the mind) are now ‘money’. Inner images (living within virtual reality) are now are ‘money’. Cyberspace text, symbols, and images have become our foundation for all ‘value’ relationships (and the proxy for ‘value’ relationships are mere cyber numbers). We live with a corrupted money system which can only lead to mental enslavement over time. Unelected banksters (operating behind closed doors) now administer our ‘value’ relationships for buying/selling/trading/investing.

Money has become a tool for select unelected elites to use for imposing their vision of economics and reality upon the entire planet (all 7.4 billion citizens). Think of this immense psychological CHANGE in just the past 40+ years. Our money (which used to be silver/gold/copper coins and paper certificates convertible into these precious metals) are now inner cyber images ($$$) living within virtual reality (cyberspace). All this gives our unelected Central Planners control over all commerce and our survival as economic agents. We have become SLAVES of our Central Planners who desire to impose globalization (Central Planning) upon the entire human race.

Communism or whatever label you desire to choose is what is now emerging. Who can change this outcome? We now have the United Nations with their Agenda 2030 approved for the entire planet. This started in 2015 and became official policy in January 2016. This Agenda leads directly to Central Planning for the entire planet (all 7.4 billion citizens). Freedom of the individual is now subordinated to this unelected Central Planning cabal. Think of the change in just these past 40+ years. We have gone from free market Capitalism to a form of Fascism or Totalitarianism (a form of Central Planning). Few are complaining as yet as most everyone is unaware of what has happened. All this will change in time!

Money can be the root of all evil when it is controlled by a cabal of Central Planners (operating behind closed doors). Listen to the wisdom of those who understood power and money. I listen to the wisdom of those from history (like our founding father, Thomas Jefferson) who understood the dangers of giving control over money to a cabal of elitists. America has done this to its people with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Federal Reserve Act has evolved into a Central Planning entity and a system which promotes Globalism and this Agenda 2030 (Central Planning for the entire planet). Enslavement is what I envision for everyone in time. Think for yourself! Freedom can be restored but we need to reject our current cyber money system. Read my prior missives for more understanding! I am:

Some additional images related to the above message:

Image result for wisdom of founding fathers on issues of money

Wisdom from a great founding Father! Thomas understood money and value!

Image result for wisdom of founding fathers on issues of money

Why did Thomas believe the above? Could centralized power lead to enslavement of the people?

Image result for wisdom of founding fathers on issues of money

Money can not buy freedom, justice, real happiness, health, or wisdom!

Image result for wisdom of founding fathers on issues of money

What our Central Planners do behind doors is less than honest IMO!

Image result for the Federal REserve

Who understands what happens behind closed doors? Secrecy leads to corruption over time!

Image result for the Federal REserve

A cabal of elitists assumed control over America’s money system! What has this led to?

Image result for Central banking is Central Planning

Central Planning is a form of economic Communism (as survival is distributed by the Central Committee)!

Image result for Central banking is Central Planning, wisdom of ben franklin

This economist/philosopher understood the dangers of Centralized power and subjective (faith-based) money!

Image result for Central banking is Central Planning, wisdom of ben franklin

Ron Paul understood the inside workings of our Central Bank (few understand this history)!


Agenda 2030 became official policy of the United Nations and the 193 members as of January 1, 2016. This Agenda leads to global Central Planning! Central Planning leads to Tyranny over the mind of the many!


Pope Francis ushers in Central Planning for the planet on September 25, 2015. Who understands this Agenda and where it leads the world?

Image result for Agenda 2030 and Central Planning

The Agenda 2030 goals sound good on paper but the program eventually leads to a Centrally Planned planet where the individual is enslaved!

Image result for central planning is a form of Communism

Those who promote Central Planning think that Freedom is dangerous and impossible to coordinate! The key concepts of Central Planners are: Unity, Inclusiveness, Equal Distribution, Sustainability, Justice for All, Financial Security, Security, and Stability!

Image result for central planning is a form of Communism, why does it not work

Those who desire Central Planning think that a few elites can administer a UTOPIAN system for the whole. The motives may be positive but the implementation does not work in real-time! Why? Human nature desires FREEDOM from the enslavement to a Centrally administer regime. Communism has been tried and it fails as central administrators can not solve the issues of the INDIVIDUALS. The ‘individual’ views Central Planning as a form of TYRANNY over the mind of man! The ‘individual’ must have personal freedom and independence! Think of the words of Thomas Jefferson when it comes to what free people desire!

Image result for thomas jefferson and tyranny

Tyranny develops under an Agenda 2030 program when fully implemented!

Image result for thomas jefferson and tyranny

The goal of man is for the ‘individual’ to be free and equal with another human being!

Image result for thomas jefferson and tyranny

Tyranny emerges under any Centrally Administered Economic System. Why? Because the people must live under mandated rules, laws, dictates, sameness, limitations, and unfair impositions! Those who administer the Centrally Planned System favor themselves over the common man who must comply or suffer unjust consequences! The result leads to TYRANNY and totalitarianism over the human MIND!

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May 27th, 2017

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