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May 23, 2017 | House Buyers Not Advised About Non-Mortgage Costs

Founder of Ross Kay Realty Consultants “Canada's Authority on Homeownership” Chief Strategist Prior to leaving the real estate brokerage industry Ross was part of a family team of sales professionals that had ranked #1 in team sales for seven consecutive years worldwide with an above the crowd brand and had worked with over 5000 families buying, owning and selling their family homes. Ross has studied over 40 years of real estate transactional data (RETD) including millions of individual transactions completed since 1988. From what later became acknowledged as the largest study on homeownership ever completed an new data driven approach to homeownership became possible. “Homeownership is the foundation that all world's wealth is built upon and because that wealth dominates our lives treating Homeownership with the respect it deserves guides every decision my firm encourages you to make.”

BC home owners already hit by $100,000 equity loss this year

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Archives May 23rd, 2017

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  • Avatar Esther says:

    Jim could you ask Ross when does he see the lower end condos starting to decrease in price in the Lower Mainland area of BC? Also when might we see an increase in condo listings? Thanks. Always like listening to your guest speakers.

  • Avatar april says:

    Ross, condo prices are being bid up. How long before you see a drop in condo prices in the lower mainland area?

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