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May 22, 2017 | Understanding our Electronic/Cyber Markets – Part III

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

The key to understanding our electronic/cyber markets is to comprehend what happens in real-time when $$$ (money) is created. Let’s assume I am a banker and I desire to make you a personal loan. Let’s assume a 1 million loan ($). Do I need prior deposits in my commercial bank accounts (with the Fed) to make this $1 million loan? Actually, I do not. If my bank has savings accounts exceeding the $1 million I can just make you a new loan as a banker (member of the Federal Reserve System which has an account with the Fed). Deposits (as in the old days) are no longer required when making most loans. So what do I do?

I can now just approve this $1 million loan to you by entering the amount into a new loan account (within your computer account). I record the transaction as a $1 million liability (new digits in the computer screen account) and a $1 million asset (my loan to you for let’s say a luxury sailing boat). What did I do in real-time? I just ‘typed’ the new loan amount ($1,000,000) into a new loan account (recorded it as a ‘liability’ and an ‘asset’) and you now have these funds ($$$) for spending on your new boat or whatever. I created $$$ (called money) out of ‘thin air’ via the process of ‘typing’ numbers into the computer screen.

This same process of creating $$$ out-of-thin air is done by bankers all around our planet. Bankers can create trillions of money units by ‘typing’ imaginary numbers into their computer screen and then set up a loan account to nearly anyone (to represent their loan ideas). In reality, however, most all new loans are made to people who have prior relationships with the bank and who show that they have large current digital accounts. We can call these borrowers the 1% as they can generally borrow unlimited $$$ (called money) by just asking their banker for these $$$. The banker is happy to lend as he/she gets some interest and the loan shows growth in bank assets. This philosophy is often called Keynesian economics (using math to create illusionary money for clients)!

Today, our big banks and especially our Central Banks can create trillions of $$$ (or another official digital currency) by this process of just ‘typing’ numbers (called money) into the computer screen. The concept of ‘money’ is mental/spiritual and it derives from the mind or consciousness of the banker. The banker then just ‘types’ numbers (called money) into the computer screen to reveal his prior thoughts/thinking. Notice what happens! Money ($$$) the symbols and numbers get created out-of-nothing and goes to select borrowers accounts (I call these the elite or 1%) who then spend these spiritual $$$ on whatever. This is supposed to grow our economy and create prosperity for everyone. What a farce on the general welfare of the public who are unaware of all this corruption!

In reality, however, this corrupt process of creating money out-of-nothing actually distorts all our prices and values in the marketplace and enhances the accounts of mostly the select elites (who grow rich on this illusionary money from heaven). Also, the units/digits which we call money are technically units of our imagination and they (the units) have no existence as ‘things’ of value. Think of money today as a ‘unit of the mind’ which gets actualized by merely ‘typing’ of numbers into a computer account. The process provides our elite…especially our politicians and their corrupt corporate clients with unlimited units (now mere digits of nothing). Money from heaven (the mind of a corrupt banker) is what I call this system!

Money, today gets distributed electronically via our computers and mere ‘numbers’ represent what we call money. Electronic means that an electric current sets off electrons which then spin-off photons (no mass) which then travel at the speed of light from computer to computer (from client to client). The photons of light produce images within our computer screens (as pixels within our screen light up) to reveal the text and numbers. The pixels reveal ‘numbers’ which we call official money or legal tender. Today, mere ‘numbers’ in the computer screen…which technically do not exist (they have zero mass/matter) represent our MONEY. What a joke on any thinking person who understands all this economic corruption!

Signals send our invisible (massless) digits (called money) from computer to computer and these ‘flows’ of digits give us the ‘illusion’ that wealth is being created and that our economies are growing and prospering. What an illusion of the mind to those who comprehend what is actually happening. Banksters (operating behind closed doors) in select venues (all around our planet) create new money digits (constantly) from their inner thoughts (spirit) and distort and manipulate all prices/values and investments within all our markets. All this is done to favor select elites (such as Buffett, Trump, Ingves, Zuckerberg, Xi, Draghi, Yellen, ‎Haruhiko Kuroda‎; Carney, etc.) who desire MORE of these invisible money digits for their personal computer accounts (and those of their friends).

Nations like Brazil, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, and Venezuela (and a host of other nations) watch their cyber/electronic stock exchanges grow in numbers as their working citizens suffer from all the distortions and misallocations within each economy. Digits are mere illusions and do not represent anything of ‘value’. The rich get much richer (in digits) and the working class gets progressively poorer. This illusionary system gives new money digits to select elites (mostly the well-heeled with political connections) and the general public suffers with EBT cards, poverty, sickness, and unemployment. All this is done so the powerful can grow their money accounts at the expense of the poor and blue-collar workers.

Today, the illusion of growth and progress is hyped via our media who bow to all these money interests. Trump gives billions to Saudi Arabia for military hardware and the people suffer with EBT cards and growing poverty. Politicians and the media elite lie and distort reality (daily) for the masses who have not had time to discern what is happening to them. All this is called progress and healthy Capitalism by those in POWER. In reality, all this is pure fraud, corruption, and tyranny to the few who comprehend what is really happening. The SYSTEM is the core problem and the masses of people have no control over this corrupt SYSTEM. Our politicians and the corporate elite have no desire to change the SYSTEM as it benefits them mostly. What a joke on humanity this represents!

Is it time to learn about this corrupt SYSTEM so change can occur? I think so! Read this missive and pass it on to others who may like to think and learn. A minority of thinkers can gradually change this SYSTEM when fully informed. Get yourself informed and then ask the elite who currently take advantage of this illusion (called money) to wake-up and start thinking on their own. Our educators and money commentators will NOT change our SYSTEM as they do not like controversy or real change in the status quo. I just returned from the Money Show in Las Vegas and ALL these presenters were mostly desiring to grow their digits and allow real education to wait. Thinkers must change first and then we can help all the elites (media, pundits, commentators) to assist us. Enjoy this education! I am:

Some images to help with your understanding:

Image result for global communication via earth stations and satellites

Satellites receive and send signals so that money can ‘flow’ internationally from computer to computer! Money is now produced by photons (our electromagnetic spectrum) which light up pixels within our computer screens. Text and numbers appear for us to observe. All this is a ‘virtual’ experience!

Image result for underwater fiber optic cable map

The entire planet is now wired for instant communication and money distributions. Fiber optic cables have been installed for the entire planet!

Image result for communication signals from computer to computer all around our planet

Money gets created from a banker’s mind (consciousness) and it then gets ‘typed’ into a computer account! When did this start? Mostly since the 1990’s with computerization of all monetary transactions! Virtual reality has replaced historical economics!

Image result for bankers create our money via typing into a computer account

Think, then Type, then create an account for the client! Money ($$$) appears out-of-thin air! What magic to those who comprehend!

Image result for stefan ingves creates more QE for Sweden

This Central Banker (from Sweden) just types in new Krona digits (called QE or a Loan) to manipulate the Swedish economy! Swedes have no idea what is happening as they are not aware of this process/operation. All bankers can now create money digits out-of-nothing and call these illusions Legal Tender! The markets get distorted and misallocations develop within these markets. Swedish real estate is one example of value distortion! In time the Swedes will become slaves of their Central Banker and his loyal administrators (in Stockholm)!

Image result for stefan ingves creates more QE for Sweden

Stefan Ingves and the Riksbank would be mostly responsible for this result over in Sweden! Who can afford a home today? Prices are skyrocketing from Ingves QE operations and near zero interest rates!

Image result for stefan ingves creates more QE for Sweden

This prior Central Banker started the operation called QE (quantitative easing)! I call this operation creating illusions ($$$) from the human mind to distort all prices/values and asset transactions! Today, Draghi, Carney, Haruhiko, and a host of other banksters continue the distortions and manipulations! The rich get richer (in digits) and the poor get poorer and more enslaved!

Image result for stefan ingves creates more QE for Sweden

I tried to visit this Central Bank in 2015 while in Stockholm. The security guards (after enquiry from the authorities) would not allow me to tour the facility or visit any of the economists housed in this building. All that occurs within this facility are computer transactions and Krona manipulations to distort the Swedish economy. There is no gold or silver in the facility (just people and computers)! So why all the security and secrecy? Think on this if you desire to understand banksterism and high level corruption! Why is all this happening ‘behind closed doors’?

Image result for QE from dragni of Germany's central bank

Mario Draghi fools the markets with his illusionary Euro creations! Who knows what he is doing behind closed doors? Who benefits and who must suffer from all this money corruption at the highest levels! Certainly not Mario or his close associates!

Image result for central bankers who create our money

What is money, in reality? Today, we create mere ‘numbers’ (digits) and ‘type’ these numbers into a computer account! The numbers (called money) get mostly given to select elites (politicians and corporate fat cats) which build monuments to themselves and their immediate friends/family! The vast masses of workers end up with unemployment, low wages, and EBT cards (food stamps)!

Image result for global poverty

Is our SYSTEM working for the many? I don’t think so! Can we do better? Absolutely, if the SYSTEM is changed!

Image result for global debt

Witness: World debt is in the quadrillions! The debt game will continue until it ends! When it ends, we will need to create a NEW SYSTEM for the entire planet. Start thinking about a NEW SYSTEM now! Get educated!!!

Image result for stefan ingves creates more QE for Sweden

Human nature and money are at the core of our problems today! To understand this problem we all need to get informed on how the current non-system operates. We also need to identify the select elites who run this corrupt SYSTEM! Let’s ask them to step down from POWER! All the above Central Bankers should be asked to step down immediately. We now know who they are!

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May 22nd, 2017

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