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April 25, 2017 | The Game of Money – How Did it Evolve to What I Witness Today?

Donald B. Swenson: Born January 24, 1943, Roseau, Minnesota. Graduated H.S. 1961, Moorhead High, Minnesota. Graduated College 1968, Moorhead State University, Minnesota. Designated member of Appraisal Institute (MAI), 1974. Employed with Western Life Insurance Company, 1968 – 71; Iowa Securities Company, 1971 – 73; American Appraisal Company, 1974 – 81. Part-time teacher/valuation consultant/bartender, 1979 – 2008 (taught workshops at Waukesha County Technical Institute, Wi. and Madison Area Technical College, Wi.). Retired 2008 (part time teacher/blogger), AZ. Self educated economist/philosopher/theologian:

When America started some 241 years prior to today, there was NO official money in circulation for Americans to use. Our markets were in confusion…with various foreign coins and various paper currencies circulating within all our markets. But there were no official American currencies or American money units which people could use for trade and exchange. Essentially, Americans had to start from scratch to create their own monetary system for their new Nation. What happened and how did our money system evolve?

Basically, Thomas Jefferson was the MIND behind the American monetary/currency system which started around 1785. His logic and market savvy created our initial system. Thomas chose to observe the markets (at the time) and noticed that certain items seemed to be most desired among traders in the marketplace. He noticed that the Spanish silver coin called the Piece of Eight was especially desired for determining ‘prices’ within the American marketplace.

He then assayed the silver within this coin and discovered that it contained precisely 371.25 grains of pure silver. His logic then said: why not use this coin as the reference point for establishing an American coinage system. The result of his efforts led to the creation of the American dollar and the minting of this dollar into a coin with precisely 371.25 grains of pure silver. The Coinage Act of 1792 later codified his logic and critical thinking into the official American money unit (called the American dollar).

Later, paper notes were issued to serve as an additional tool for determining ‘prices’ within the marketplace for all traders. These notes were printed by a bureau of engraving and printing and they became official units for measuring ‘value’ and establishing ‘prices’ in the marketplace. To maintain confidence in these paper notes, our Treasury added the words (this note is legal tender and redeemable in silver on demand) based upon the definition of 371.25 grains of silver for each dollar redeemed.

Americans now had an observable coin which they viewed as containing ‘value’ and also a currency note which was viewed as exchangeable for ‘value’. This made for a monetary system which had logic, confidence, and acceptance so we could buy, sell, trade, and save. So what happened to change all this logic and common sense to the ‘virtual’ money which I now witness in our marketplace? What has evolved since the days of my youth in Northern Minnesota when the above logic and system was endemic.

What has gradually happened is that our administrators of our monetary system have chosen to debase our money and our currency by destroying its substance and logic. Today, I witness no precious metal coins (with ‘value’) in circulation within our markets (no silver coins or gold coins). I also witness no paper currency notes in circulation (with words allowing redemption in silver or gold). I also witness only about 5% of all currency transactions taking place using paper currency notes.

What I witness today are units of currency within a new ‘non-observable’ space called ‘cyberspace’ which circulate within my computer screen. Today, my money is a ‘virtual’ unit of nothing (totally imaginary) which circulates within a space which is also ‘imaginary’. Cyberspace is what I discern but this space is not ‘observable’ or tangible. Cyberspace and cyber money is what I now witness within all our markets on this planet (especially here in America).

Today, I witness some 13 electronic stock and commodity exchanges within the USA and some 162 electronic stock and commodity exchanges outside the USA. This totals some 175 electronic stock exchanges on our planet (my estimate as of today). All these exchanges now operate within this space called ‘cyberspace’ and are activated with electrical power systems. They circulate ‘virtual’ symbols ($$$) as our currencies. Computers now circulate/distribute nearly all of our money (now virtual units of nothing). This is now a global monetary system composed of cyber machines.

Zombie traders trade computer digits and symbols on a 24/7 basis to earn their virtual profits (still called ‘money’). Profits are now units of my/your ‘imagination’ as these units have zero substance and no physical existence…and live within a nothing space called ‘cyberspace’. Yesterday (April 24) I witnessed the CAC stock exchange over in France increase in ‘value’ by some 4.1% on pure hype and emotion. Most of the other major electronic exchanges also increased in ‘value’ based on pure political hype and emotion…plus Central Bank computer trading manipulations.

What a world I now witness since my early days in Northern Minnesota (where I started my journey). Today, all physical money and physical currencies are being eliminated from our markets relentlessly. A gradual forced system is emerging where trading will be ‘cashless’ (no physical money units) and where ‘virtual’ reality will predominate everywhere on planet Earth. Cyber trading and cyber money are now here and ubiquitous. I now live in an ‘imaginary’ symbol casino where zombie traders trade their ‘imagination’ on a 24/7 basis. This is called Capitalism by our Keynesian economists!

High speed computers operating within this nothing space called ‘cyberspace’ trade’, ‘value’, and ‘manipulate’ all market ‘prices’ via mostly coded computer software. Coded algorithms (privately sourced) are now mostly used to influence and manipulate all our ‘prices’ and to determine all ‘market’ values. Zombie traders are active (24/7) to serve as laborers in the vineyard of our political/financial casino of virtual reality. All this is accepted by the gullible masses of zombie citizens (voters) who lack understanding, discernment, and the will to change this corrupt casino.

What has evolved these past 228 years (since 1789) is a global system of human ‘enslavement’ and ‘deception’. The masses can not think logically today and our corrupt politicians and financial elite can not discern the problem. All is considered kosher as long as the bombs and missiles do not arrive from foreign sources which also are enslaved by this corrupt casino system. Nothing of substance changes as the masses desire ‘positive’ thinking and continuing ‘deceptions’ to avoid dealing with the obvious consequences of this ‘imaginary’ corrupt casino.

Human nature desires to ‘live’ with current deceptions and corruptions as long as possible to avoid a transition which will require new thinking and new awareness. Some ‘pain’ is needed to change this corrupt casino system but the masses desire ‘no pain’ NOW. Let’s all wait until the problem gets so dire that everyone is suffering from the now consequences. When the entire SYSTEM implodes then the masses (including our corrupt politicians and financial elite) will start a new blame game. Blame the ‘other’ (called enemies) and continue with an avoidance of the real problem.

Who understands what has evolved and why we now need new thinking for our planet? When will a body of thinkers emerge who can DISCERN the reality of NOW? Based on my observation and understanding, I would say NOT YET! Human nature will allow and accept all this corruption and deception for the time being. What I now witness is gross avoidance of critical ‘thinking’ among all our politicians and the public. Critical ‘thinking’ is avoided so as to postpone the inevitable. Who wants to ‘think’ and then change one’s behavior prior to a global financial implosion? Few to NONE! Enjoy the ‘calm’ BEFORE the coming ‘storm’ arrives! I am:

Look at these images to discern our ‘imaginary’ casino of cyberspace:

Image result for French stock exchange ticker increases 4.1% on Macron win

Macron moves our cyber markets as ’emotion’ creates trillions in cyber wealth! It’s all in our ‘imagination’!

Image result for French stock exchange ticker increases 4.1% on Macron win

French cyber exchange index (CAC) increases some 4.1% on political emotion and Central Bank trading! Problems grow but imaginary profits are desired!

Image result for CAC exchange floor

Where do all the financial numbers reside? What is ‘cyberspace’ and what creates these images on our screens? Where is the historical money of yesterday?

Image result for CAC exchange floor

Computers are interconnected and zombie traders click for profits as they accumulate cyber symbols ($$$) within their mental ‘imagination’! 

Image result for CAC exchange floor


The DOW cyber index grows in ‘imaginary’ value continually over these past 96 months (8 years) with NO major correction! Who does the hype?

Image result for the farm economy is imploding


Trump can not DISCERN the Ponzi monetary system which he is part of! Why? Probably because he desires to continue HIS imaginary profits for HIS own selfish interests! He desires to AVOID any serious ‘pain’ to his power empire…still #1 (in his mind)! Is he any different from the others?

Image result for the farm economy is imploding

The farm economy is starting to implode but who measures REAL production today! Imaginary wealth ($$$) continues to grow within our computer screen accounts! Cyber money can increase forever as REAL production crashes and starvation begins! This seems to be the mindset of our Keynesian economists!

Image result for macron gives markets a boost

This lad from France (Mr. Macron) is the NEW poster boy for the EEC and their collapsing empire over in Europe! Our cyber (electronic) markets increased globally due to his WIN over his rival (Ms. Le Pen). The CAC index increased some 4.1% within a few minutes on April 24, 2017!

Image result for macron gives markets a boost


What will happen on May 7? Could the cyber (electronic) markets spike UP again on new HYPE? Imaginary profits could grow into the $ trillions!

Think! The NASDAQ Composite Index (a cyber exchange) exceeded 6,000 today (April 25) on WHAT? Computer trading via algorithms and a special ‘push’ from Central Bank traders can cause this RESULT! When is enough/enough? Not yet!

When will our cyber markets correct? Can computer traders at our Central Banks continue our imaginary casino for another year or maybe longer? Who understands that wealth is NOT cyber money? Who comprehends that virtual money can not grow our production? Who desires to THINK (critically)? Few to None as of now!

Image result for trump and his tax cut


The RICH get richer as the zombie citizens feast on crumbs…and allow our Ponzi casino to continue forever (to avoid any critical THINKING)! Critical thinking means discernment, learning, challenging, questioning, and persisting! Who desires to begin ‘thinking’?

Related image

Thinking is hard for most as it requires that we ask questions until we find sound logic from our questions! Then we must ask more questions! Reality does not offer us easy answers to many questions! Socrates is my model for critical thinking! Ask and continue to Ask!

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April 25th, 2017

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