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March 6, 2017 | ObamaGate, Russia, Deep State, TSA, 9/11, Ides of March, Pedo Files, You’re Fired?

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The Goddard Report Archives March 6th, 2017

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  • Holly Hallston says:

    Rivero is in error. He states that the political establishment doesn’t know it’s driving the US economy off a cliff when, in fact, they are employed by the globalist to do exactly that. What Michael doesn’t seem to understand, or refuses to believe, is the USA is, and always has been, the #1 long term target of the globalist degenerates because of its Constitution; a document that is specifically designed to limit government power against the private citizen. Now just look at Europe, where no citizen of any country (except Switzerland) has any right to refute government. Your rights are what the government says they are. The United States, on the other hand, has a Declaration of Independence which specifically sites INALIENABLE RIGHTS given by our CREATOR (which leaves atheist dummies like Michael on very shaky ground) and is further enunciated in the Bill of Rights and Amendments to the Constitution. Since the rest of the world has decided to embrace the Marxist model with its denial of deity and totally bankrupt moral relativism, rights replaced by legalism, these governments can feel completely justified at murdering their citizens for political expediency and to further their social engineering agendas even denying the existence of a national culture and/or racial national identity which is precisely the logic the European elites are using while in the process of destroying their own nations. You think they care about the local plumber? They only care about power and the benies that come with it. It’s also why they must stop Trump. He’s in a position to expose the whole sordid, repulsive cancer these dirt bags are fostering on the globe and put the kibosh on it. Hence, the reason they employed Obummer, the most lawless President in US history. Like the true fascist/Marxist he is, while hiding behind the veil of legalism he pretty much broke every law and convention he felt like doing. Imagine a President that actually expects elected officials to FOLLOW the law. To career political hacks and lawless globalist, wow, that Trump could sure be a problem, eh?

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