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March 17, 2017 | Could There Be Another Homestake Home Run?

John Kaiser is an independent analyst based in the San Francisco area who has covered the junior resource sector since 1983. After a decade working as a research director in Vancouver he left the brokerage industry in 1994 to launch Kaiser Research Online and create the "rational speculation model" as a tool to evaluate the speculative value of exploration projects. Kaiser Research Online is a subscription service that publishes his analysis, provides searchable information on over 1500 Canadian listed mining and exploration companies, and tracks trends within the junior sector and their relationship to macro trends.

An old mine still productive through quantum physics

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Discovery Watch Archives March 17th, 2017

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  • Jerry Aberle says:

    Hi John, I follow your work and generally find it to be technically informed/excellent. I listened to your commentary on Mineral Mountain and would respectfully suggest that you also check out Dakota Territory Resource Corp. Mineral Mountain has Homestake Style target potential, but it was and still is the judgement of the geologists that managed Homestake’s exploration in the Black Hills that the best gold targets lie in the vicinity of the Homestake Mine. The Black Hills produced 44,000,000 ounces……. all but a couple hundred thousand ounces of which came from an area measuring less than 10 miles long by 4 miles wide surrounding the Homestake Mine at Lead, SD. Ownership of the mineral property in the Black Hills was not fragmented after the 1930’s. Homestake basically owned it all and operated without competition. Between 1984 and 1994, Homestake spent $70 million dollars on exploration in the Black Hills. This program systematically investigated target potential on hundreds of targets and followed up with the drilling each target warranted to either move it forward or sideline it in favor of target(s) with greater potential. Homestake spent the bulk of their $70MM investment in the northern Black Hills because that is where the best potential lied based on all the work that was done. Dakota Territory has assembled three gold projects in the Homestake District, all of which were extensively drilled by Homestake between 1984 – 1994. The Black Hills holds great exploration potential, including the Mineral Mountain property in the vicinity of Rochford. What other 44 million ounce district located in a safe low cost jurisdiction has the results generated by a $70MM exploration program that have yet to be followed up on in today’s gold price environment.

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