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February 25, 2017 | This Week in Money

This Week in Money

This Week in Money presents leading financial news and market commentary from interesting, informative and profound guests. They are some of the financial world's most colorful and controversial thinkers, discussing the markets, economies and more! Hosted by radio veteran - Jim Goddard. New shows air Saturdays on Internet Radio. Archived online at

  • Ross Clark –  Dow’s record setting pace. Oil.
  • Ross Kay – By the time the BC election rolls around, British Columbians will have lost $340 billion in home equity, a drop never seen before in North America.  Meanwhile in Toronto……
  • Ted Dixon – Will increasing International tensions boost Commodity prices ?
  • Larry Reaugh President and CEO of American Manganese on Company Showcase. Cobalt Spot Price Hits $27 Per Pound in China Today. Cobalt Demand Replaces Lithium in EV Lithium Ion Batteries. Read the latest News Release.
    The Cobalt Conference is an annual event organized by the Cobalt Industry through the CDI.
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This Week in Money Archives February 25th, 2017

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  • goldintheuk says:

    Price inflation in 2017 in the USA is going to be more determined by the level of oil prices and other energy sector prices. My own work has showed a remarkable correlation between the US CPI inflation rate and its energy sector component, independent of all other consumer sectors. I have several forecast models and most are showing Feb 2017 CPI (announced 15 Mar) to be just above 3% and Mar CPI (announced 14 Apr) at nearer 3.5%. The very lowest forecast I have for Feb CPI is 2.6 but this is on my model with the most sparse data. All others give over 3% for Feb and March 2017. It is too early days to see if higher oil prices will filter much through to the other sectors of the economy.

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