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February 6, 2017 | Putin is a ‘Thug’, says Mitch McConnell! Really?

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Today’s WSJ recorded the view of our Senate Majority Leader which was “Putin is a former KGB agent – he’s a thug”. What a prescient remark for this Senator from Kentucky. Mr. Trump seems to desire to work with Putin but a large group of politicians want more contention and sanctions for this nation called Russia. Is this a wise and prudent mindset? I don’t think so! What is the message being sent with these words from Washington?

The USA, the biggest arms exporter on the planet and a nation which promotes Might makes Right as its solution for internationals conflicts, needs to ‘look in the mirror’ IMO. The mindset of many of our politicians reveals their lack of wisdom and understanding when it comes to promoting peace and security for this planet and the 7.5 billion inhabitants. In reality, it is America which now needs to look inward and discover that their behavior (and their words) have consequences.

The actions of Putin will be dictated to some degree by the prior actions and words coming out of Washington. If the USA desires WW III, then I understand the mindset of Mr. McConnell. But I don’t think the majority of Americans desire more war and conflict. The mindset of Washington, however, seems to be more hubris from key leaders and then this concept that America is ‘exceptional’ and ‘special’ (God’s chosen people) is promoted as a reality for the world (what nonsense)!

This mindset will only lead to more global destruction and killing and it should be obvious that some of our leaders are mostly ‘insane’ (or demented/crazed, lunatic, unbalanced, unhinged, disturbed, non compos mentis). Negative behavior leads to counter negative behavior and actions create counter reactions. The entire philosophy of the USA these past 70 years has been that Might makes Right and the end justifies the means. This is backwards and destructive!

Another article in today’s WSJ was entitled: ‘Spending Math Promises Wider Deficits’. The article states that for an economy that isn’t in recession, the U.S. is facing one of the bleakest fiscal outlooks since WW II. Basically our Federal Debt is being pushed to record levels of our GDP and this trend is totally unsustainable. The Trump economic doctrine seems to recognize this reality but it also desires to ignore this reality when it comes to military spending. The article says that Mr. Trump has tipped his hand in favor of tolerating more deficits because our ‘military’ is more important than a balanced budget.

Think about this mindset of the Donald. Our military must be made stronger and more spending is needed so that America’s philosophy of Might makes Right can enter a new dimension. Is this wisdom or folly? I suggest that it is total FOLLY. What the Donald is proposing is more death, killing, destruction for the planet with counter death, killing, and destruction for Americans (as a reaction to our action). Action creates a counter Reaction and this is a LAW of human nature. Wake-up Mr. Trump! Your philosophy of Might makes Right is total FOLLY!

The final article that I will mention was entitled ‘Afghan Civilian Casualties At a High’. More than 11,400 civilians were killed or injured in Afghanistan in 2016. This was a 3% increase yoy. If we were to add all the civilian casualties within the entire Middle East arena the number would expand exponentially. Does all this killing lead to peace, freedom, security, prosperity, and happiness? I don’t think so! Think about this concept called ‘action creates a reaction’. If I kill members of your family than what does human nature demand to balance this formula? Human nature demands some counter REACTION! If I punch you in the mouth then what might you do to me? The ‘reaction’ is mostly spontaneous!

Human nature has not changed these past 6,000 years of human history. Prehistory is meaningless as civilized man was not living on this planet during this prehistoric period. My view is that civilized man (civilizations) started with the Sumerians (or an equivalent group) and this happened only some 6,000 years prior to today. Google the first civilization and read for yourself. Civilized man started with a few groups over in the Middle East arena and this happened only some 6,000 years prior to today! Reality is only meaningful to those who can think and act as intelligent agents. Prehistory is mere ‘imagination’ being expressed!

Conclusion: The people of this planet need to wake-up and reject the insane mindsets of our politicians. Insanity is evident everywhere today and the center of insanity seems to be our global political institutions. Secondary insanity is demonstrated by our financial institutions who think that mere math (numbers within the computer screen) are real demonstrations of economic wealth and prosperity. This economic insanity is also everywhere today. Few seem to look inward to discover that mere ‘numbers’, ‘symbols’, and ‘names’ do not EXIST within our space/time universe. LOOK all around you (right now) for all the evidence that you need! Enjoy the LOOK! I am:

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Who knows about events prior to this period called our civilized HISTORY? What is prehistory but someone’s conception based on one’s ‘imagination’. When was  this concept called ‘time’ invented? Could it be that civilized man ‘invented’ this concept called ‘time’ during this period called HISTORY? I think so! Time has no meaning prior to civilized man as ‘time’ is a CONCEPT of man! Think about this! TIME is a ‘mental’ concept derived only from a thinking civilized MAN! Civilized man started to reveal their ideas as ‘writing’ advanced and symbols, words, names became written down so posterity could comprehend what had happened!

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February 6th, 2017

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