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February 14, 2017 | More on Global Currency Manipulation!

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There were two articles in today’s W.S.J. (Wall Street Journal) which were relevant to the issue of global currency manipulation. Judy Shelton had her opinion article called ‘Currency Manipulation Is a Real Problem’ and the other article was entitled ‘U.S. Eyes New Tactic to Press China’ (front page of W.S.J.). Both these articles point to the fact that currency manipulation continues so as to influence global trading actions. China, Japan, Mexico continually manipulate their cyber currencies via their Central bank operations. This is daily for these manipulators. The USA does similarly!

Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea also manipulate their currencies to gain export advantages within their markets. Basically, all major exporters now manipulate their cyber currencies so as to influence trade for their nation. This is ubiquitous and will not stop as long as our global currencies live within cyberspace. Cyber currencies are basically ‘imaginary’ currencies and fluctuations in value are automatic as these currencies trade with their cyber counterparts. There is no standard of value today which is ‘independent’ of these currencies (like under the Bretton Woods Agreement).

Gold has been abandoned from our international system as the ‘tie’ to material reality. Today, cyber currencies (also called digital/electronic currencies) make up our global trading system. What many seem unaware of is that these ‘cyber’ currencies are subjective units of consciousness (not material ‘objects’ within space/time). This means that these currencies can not serve as any real standard of value or stable trading unit. Stability is impossible as the units are subjective/imaginary/illusionary. Read my prior missive on the issue of ‘consciousness’.

Judy’s article covers the basic history of why monetary integrity has been lost. Her books are well worth reading IMO. She seems to think that Mr. Trump may soon start to establish a universal set of rules which could eventually lead to real price/currency stability. She says that ‘Trump would do well to take the next step for the sake of free trade and to establish a system that ensures stable exchange rates’. The next step would need to be some type of gold/silver standard (I presume). The other option would be to establish the ‘Mark of the Beast’ monetary system (now in the works) which creates ONE global cyber currency for the planet…enslaving all of mankind!

What we have today is unworkable for the longer term. Cyber currencies must fluctuate/float as they are units of subjectivity/consciousness. Central bank manipulations are understandable given the ‘nature’ of these currencies. The bigger issues for discussion are the reasons why our system has evolved into its current formulations. Why did FDR change the American dollar concept back in 1933-34 to a fiat paper system? Why did our gold vanish via the Bretton Woods Agreement so that Mr. Nixon had to close the gold window in 1971? Why did Nixon/Kissinger establish the petro-dollar system to cover up this breakdown of Nixon’s closing of the gold window after 1973-74? Who invented these cyber currencies as viable alternatives to the ‘paper’ units?

The history of our manipulations and shenanigans reveal why our current system is broken. Read and study this history for wisdom and comprehension. Read my blog for some of this history. What we need now is wisdom and understanding on all these issues going forward. Sound money is essential for international trade. If we desire to create a better global society, however, we will also need to delve into the philosophical issues of economics (such as this ephemeral concept called ‘value’). Just what is this concept called ‘value’ and can any system work given its core ‘nature’? The issues are complex today and now is the time to start this discussion.

Our markets are now in a bubble stage as a result of years of Central bank manipulations and shenanigans. The current QE (quantitative easing) policies are just one of the corrupt issues which evolved as a result of our historical evolution in the dollar. Corruptions at the top are now ubiquitous and few comprehend what is happening as most decisions are concocted ‘behind closed doors’. A few select elites who operate our electronic/cyber computers (behind closed doors)…mostly to distort and manipulate our markets need to be exposed. We might start with individuals like Bernanke, Dudley, Draghi, Carney, Kuroda, Xiaochuan, King, Trichet, Ingves, Volcker, Caruana, Garcia, Frenkel, and the many others who have promoted all these corrupt policies.

Go to this website for some of the individuals behind all this corruption: The other website is: Central banks now control all our cyber currencies with their ‘behind the scenes’ computers and trading strategies. Our markets are now nearly 100% electronic/digital and all our currencies live within CYBERSPACE. Cyberspace is really not real (like observable space/time). Cyberspace is actually a ‘extension of my/your consciousness’. Wake-up to real-time reality as we live it folks. Our elites are promoting a ‘Mark of the Beast’ monetary system which is very corrupting for freedom, liberty, and prosperity! Think on this for today! I am:

For some relevant history on our monetary system go to


Image result for books on the history of the dollar and our monetary system

Image result for books on the history of the dollar and our monetary system

Image result for books on the history of the dollar and our monetary system

America's Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve

Image result for money meltdown

Image result for a single currency and one central bank, books

Image result for a single currency and one central bank, books

The evolution of money is an interesting study. For Americans, much of our history started with Jamestown and the Plymouth Rock experiences. Capitalism was chosen at that time over the alternatives…Socialism and Communism. Today, we are back to a new beginning. The United Nations Agenda 2030 is promoting global Socialism/Communism for everyone. The elites are mostly promoting globalism and a global governance system. One central system governing all 7.5 billion citizens. Trump desires a return to some form of Capitalism (it seems). Our evolution, however, points in a different direction. Kingdom Economics is promoting this NEW DIRECTION! Check out my blog for details!

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February 14th, 2017

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